Easy IKEA Hack Cordless Wall Lamps (from plant pots!)

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Easiest DIY cordless lamp, an IKEA plant pot hack that will cost less than $10 and take less than 5 minutes! @Remodelaholic

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Easy IKEA Hack Cordless Wall Lamps
by Jen from Fresh Crush

Tell us about you and your site. What’s your favorite part of DIYing, and what are some of your favorite projects?
I’m Jen and I blog at Fresh Crush. If I don’t have a DIY underway, I’ve probably got the flu. I love the creativity of DIYing. It can be anything from art, to upholstery to lighting projects. Sometimes that one DIY will completely transform a room. I love that there are no rules when you are creating a DIY project, whether it’s from scratch or re-working a perfect thrift store find. The whole point is to create or change it into exactly what you need it to be. Some of my favourite projects include:
trailer-camper-dining   stuff-your-sofa   bedroom-makeover
Which IKEA piece(s) did you hack? and why did you choose that (over another product, or building from scratch, etc)?
Ikea Skurar Plant Pot – I needed a solution that would offer a sconce-like answer to adding light in the closet without worrying about hiring an electrician to run a new line. Battery operated was key! These pots were perfect. Durable, the appropriate size, affordable (at just $4 a pop), and the perforations made it perfect for letting light through, without any additional customizing.
What did you do? 
This hack was easy as pie. I made two sconce lights with two planters, 2 battery operated push lights, some heavy duty velcro tabs, and batteries.
  • Apply one side of the heavy duty velcro to the back of the push lights (I put mine on slightly off centre to allow access into the battery panel without having to remove or damage the velcro pieces).
  • Apply the other side of the velcro to the inside bottom of the planters.
  • Measure and mark on the wall where you want your sconce to hang.
  • Insert a Monkey picture hanging hook into the wall.
  • Use the perforations in the planter to hang off of the Monkey picture hanging hook.

So easy to turn a cheap battery light into a nightlight or lamp for a party! easy diy cordless wall lamp or sconce how-to Easy DIY cordless nightlight -- great for a kids room or a party!

Would you do it again? Why or why not? and if yes, what would you do differently next time?
I would definitely do this again with two changes. 1. I wouldn’t do it again for a toddler’s reading space, she ultimately (at three years) had a little difficulty getting the light to turn on easily with a single push. 2. I wouldn’t attach to the wall with a Monkey picture hook. I would use two screws to ensure the pot/sconce would never slide back and forth when pushing the light on and off.
How much time did the project take?
I was completely done in less than a half hour including measuring and hanging on the wall.
What was the total final cost?
The pots were under $10 for two, the battery operated lights were around $12 for two, and the package of velcro tabs was around $6. Assuming you’ve got some batteries and screws around the house, you can get this done for approximately $30 for the pair of custom sconces.
Any tips for other DIYers or IKEA hackers?
Yes! Don’t be afraid to alter an already complete piece to make it the perfect piece for YOU. And, have fun with it! Don’t worry what others would do or say — if you have a vision, go for it!
easy diy cordless reading lamps fora kids reading nook
Thanks for sharing, Jen! Such a smart way to make a fun lamp or nightlight!

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Jen makes her home in the Alberta prairies with her husband and young daughter, where she writes about all things DIY. From home renovations to arts and crafts, if it's home decor she'll get her hands dirty and give it a shot!

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