Turned Leg Mirrored IKEA Rast Chest Hack

IKEA’s Rast chest is just perfectly hackable — we’ve shared a lot of ideas here, and Sara is here today to share one of the classiest Rast hacks we’ve ever seen!

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Anthro Inspired Ikea Rast Hack

High-Class Turned Leg and Mirrored IKEA RAST Chest Hack
by Sara from Sincerely Sara D

Hello Remodelaholics! I’m Sara, and I blog about my DIY home decor endeavors at Sincerely, Sara  D.  I love giving my readers to confidence to create and believe anyone can create a beautiful space with little cost and effort.  I share tips and tutorials for everything from painting upholstery to creating unique wall treatments.

I have a special love for paint and chalkboards.  I will paint anything and have painted my faucets and lots of furniture (to see my painting furniture tutorial series click HERE).  Also, I have a great trick for easy chalkboard lettering that anyone can do!

The first time I laid my eyes on Anthropologie’s Mirelle Three-Drawer Dresser, it was love at first sight.

Anthropologie Mirelle Dresser

However, the $1700 price tag was not something I could afford.

Last summer, I was asked to take part in an IKEA RAST (The RAST is small 3-drawer pine dresser) hack competition with several other bloggers.  I was excited for DIY competition, and said yes.  I knew immediately that I would try to recreate my beloved $1700 Mirelle Dresser from the $35 IKEA RAST dresser.

rast dresser before, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

Supply List:

  • IKEA Rast Dresser
  • (4) Stair Divider Balusters
  • (4) Metal Stair Baluster Fasteners
  • (2) Corner Guards
  • (1) Embossed Hardwood Moulding with Pattern
  • Piece of Scrap Wood
  • Oil-Based Paint
  • Mirrors
  • Cabinet Knobs
  • Wood Glue
  • Trim Nails
  • Clamps
  • Permanent Paint Pen
  • Construction Adhesive

Like all IKEA pieces, the RAST requires assembly.  Once the dresser was put together, I suggest taking the drawers to a glass company where the mirrors are cut for the drawer fronts (and holes for the knobs can be drilled).

adding mirrors to RAST drawers, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

The remaining supplies can be purchased from a hardware store.

Begin with the trim pieces and use the embossed hardwood moulding on the top and bottom of the dresser for decorative accents.  I put the two corner guards on the front corners.

Use corner guard pieces to add turned legs to an IKEA dresser, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

Use wood glue to attach all the trim and add a few finish nails to the corner trim pieces.

Clamp the trim pieces and allow to dry.

Transform a cheap IKEA rast dresser with trim and corner guards, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

After the trim pieces are dry, the legs (made out of the stair divider balusters) can be added.

Remove the block at the top and bottom using a saw.

make inexpensive furniture legs from stair divider balusters, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

This is such an inexpensive leg solution!

Add the legs to the dresser using the Metal Stair Baluster Fasteners.

DIY inexpensive dresser legs using stair balusters, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

The top of the dresser is not very pretty, so add a piece of wood to size using wood glue and a few nails.

Round out the two front corners of the added wood with a sander.

IKEA Rast Chest, hacked to look like Anthropologie, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

I used oil-based (door & furniture) paint because it was a requirement for the competition. Although oil-based paint can be hard to work with, it has a beautiful hard finish with no brush marks.

painted IKEA rast chest hack, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

Once the paint is dry, glue the mirrors onto the drawer fronts using a construction adhesive.

gluing mirrors to an IKEA dresser, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

Add lines to the mirror with a paint pen, glue little embellishments to the mirrors and add knobs.

embellished mirrors on an IKEA Rast chest hack, to look like Anthro, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

And it is time to enjoy your beautiful dresser!

IKEA Rast makeover with mirrored drawers and turned legs, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

This IKEA hack is still my favorite furniture makeover.  If I were to do it again, I would do two things differently.  I would begin with a higher quality dresser (IKEA has other options).  The drawers on this dresser stick, and they are a little too flimsy for the heavy mirrors.  Also, I would put felts under my knobs to prevent cracking the mirrors.  My four-year-old tightened the knobs on a couple of the mirrors and cracked the mirrors.  A felt pad may have prevented this.

mirrored drawers and distressed paint on an IKEA Rast chest hack, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

The project couple be completed in a couple afternoons.  However, since I used an oil-based paint, I had to let the paint dry (which took several more days) before adding additional coats.Beautiful DIY mirrored IKEA Rast chest hack, Sincerely Sara D on @Remodelaholic

As far as supplies, it’s hard to say exactly how much I spent since I didn’t pay for everything. t have a friend who owns a glass/mirror company, so he did the mirrors for me and the hardware company sent me the drawer knobs. I spent just under $100 for everything else – paint, wood pieces, and other supplies.  I am guessing this project would cost between $200-300 in supplies  to create a luxury pieces which retails for close to $2000.

This project is a little more involved than some other IKEA hacks, but the extra time and effort will leave you with a luxury piece for your home!  To see the original tutorial, supply links and all the details, click HERE.

Thanks for spending time with me today!


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Thanks so much for coming for a visit, Sara! Love the style you added to this cheap dresser!

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  1. Hi,

    This is a lovely idea. How did you flatten the back of the stair spindles so they could be attached to the dresser?

    1. Hi Linda,
      The pieces are manufactured as corner guards, so they already have the cutout to be stuck on the corner. Smart, huh! Sara did a beautiful job!

      1. Where do you find these corner guards? I’ve looked online at Lowes and HD but haven’t been able to locate any. Thanks!