For Vanity’s Sake; Upstairs Bath remodel; Part 4

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The continuing story:

In my quest for affordable remodeling, reusing things is a must.  The bathroom vanity doors usually match the kitchen cabinets and can therefore be used elsewhere, like we have done before.  My other train of thought is, that I am sick of the boring, stock vanity cabinets that are usually used in cookie cutter homes like mine.

While I was drawing up the plan, at first I thought I would find 4 new doors that matched at the Habitat Re-store.  Then, I realized that might be impossible.  My next option was to remove the base cabinet doors altogether and only have to find one large door, or two smaller doors for the cabinet Justin is building to go over the toilet.  This is the option I chose to go with.

But what to do with the vanity?  I didn’t want to rebuild it, or have to remove the counter top which is in fine shape for a kid’s bath.  Here is what I came up with, and I love it so much, I plan on trying it downstairs as well.

These are some before shots, to refresh your memory: 
We were lucky enough to have a friend give us his old kitchen cabinets, last fall.  We installed them into our garage. (pictures coming someday…)   What was left we dismantled and saved in pieces.  This is what we used for the whole bathroom remodel, vanity, mirror and new cabinet, free!
You just remove the existing doors, and add a new face frame, patch and paint!
Here are the sketches we drew to build them.  The front was created in three pieces.  The two legs and the arched skirt.  We simply nailed it to the existing frame, and then nailed a quick nail through the base of the skirt into the new legs.  Patch and done!  (we didn’t add to the existing shelf on bottom, but could have)

 Bathroom Vanity Remodel plans! 

The side was a little more involved and not completely necessary.   I just wanted it to look a little more interesting.  It had two legs, a skirt and base with a shelf to match the front existing shelf.
Here is the front view of the finished cabinet.  I had the boxes from our old house’s master where we installed a new table base cabinet (pictures are here and here).  You’d be vain if you looked this good too!
I am so happy! 
Do you guys like it? 

It is seriously one of the cheapest, easiest updates we have ever done.  And, you have my permission to use this awesome idea, but please, if you blog about it, link to my blog, and let me know what you did.

Here is the link to Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Part 5

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  1. >I am not a fan of the exposed plumbing look, but I do like it! I think that the arch looks kind of plain though, maybe there is some sort of wood applique you could put there? Nothing too gaudy, and of course it would just be painted the same as the rest. Also, I think a basket would look cooler underneath than a box.

    I think it is awesome that you are able to do something this nice on a low budget and it is great to recycle…wish more people would!