Tile with style! :Upstairs Bath Remodel, Part 3

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The next step in the bathroom remodel was tile.  The existing flooring was just your average old vinyl.  It was heavily stained, and at some point a rug in front of the sink left it’s mark, as in a huge dark yellow rectangle.
Also, the toilet was so heavily caulked to the floor it was impossible to get it looking clean!
Here are some photos of the floor before: (you’ll notice the dark stain in front of the vanity)
I think it is so weird that they installed the toilet before the vinyl. 
It finally made sense, after we removed the toilet, why there was so much caulk! 
Speaking of which here is a picture of the ugly, gunky mess!
(By the way, we didn’t just put our toilet in the tub,
there are some boards under it! yeah, sorry ’bout all the potty talk!)
Luckily, there were no scary surprises when we ripped up the floor.  This actually gets me in the mood to reminisce on our first house in Utah (I may post some flash back remodel projects, what do you think?).  Anyway, when we went to replace the flooring and had ripped out the old stuff, we found that out that the only thing holding up the floor was the plumbing!  At least, we didn’t find that out by falling through at 3:00 in the morning while half asleep!
Next, we stopped to take a bunch of random pictures of me with a drill.  Believe me, there are much more.   Since I am usually the remodel photographer,
I take advantage of my time in front of the camera when ever I can.
Okay, so the reason for all those pictures of me and the drill is the cement board installation.
 This is installed under the tile when you are putting it on a wood floor/joist situation.  It has to be screwed approximately every 8 square inches, so you tend to go through a lot of screws. 
While I was getting the board in place,
Justin was cutting the door jambs to the proper height, now that the floor was getting taller.
To begin laying the tile, I chose to dry fit it all.  Mostly because the bath is on the second floor and I knew the thinset would be dry with all the upstairs/downstairs running around. And I am a Mommy (yeah!), so this was going on in between playing, naps and feeding the wee babe!
There was a lot of cutting, A LOT! In fact it turned out that I cut ALL but 4 tile!  I know, I know, what possessed my to lay it diagonally?  It’s that crazy designer in me.  I just wanted it!
  Anyway, the dry setting was a good option for lots of starts and stops.  But, I can assure you that my calves were DEAD by the end of the day.  After climbing about 70 flights of stairs, besides the ups and downs of laying and setting it all.
When I was all done with cuts, I laid it out according to the room’s shape, on the carpet in the family room.
That way, I was sure to get all the right pieces when I needed them.
Justin mixed the mortar for me, and I got started putting down the tile. 
It was sort of tricky to know where to start because some of the cuts were so close it had to be right on.  In the end, I chose to start in the most obvious place, the one main tile in front of the vanity.
Here it is- all installed, spaced and setting up.  I was quite proud of myself. 
Lastly, I floated on the grout, and when it was all cleaned up here is what it looks like.
It was really fun, I know it sounds strange,
but I really enjoy laying and cutting tile, its like some big jigsaw puzzle!
Wahoo the floor is done!
Stay tuned for the vanity remodel which is especially exciting! 
I LOVE it’s new look, and it was free using just some old scrap wood!
Justin also built a new mirror frame out of scrap wood.
And lastly, when he finishes it (hopefully this week…)
I will show you the new cabinet Justin is building for over the toilet! 
All that with the cost breakdown.  Hope you check back soon!
p.s. What do you think?
Also, do you think I should do some flash back posts from past remodels?
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  1. >I love your remodel posts, they are so much fun, so bring it on!

    The tile looks so great, I love the diagonal. You two are amazing!!

  2. >I LOVE the diagonal! It's pretty tricky to do in such a small space but I think it's totally worth it. What size tile did you guys do? Doing the floor in our kitchen was our first tile job and we learned quite a bit. Hopefully we'll get to redo the bathrooms before we have to move so I'll have to revisit these posts so I remember what to do. 🙂

  3. >I remember meeting you guys and seeing your house in Logan and being SO amazed at what you two can do together. I love a re-cap!

  4. >I love your remodel posts! They are so inspiring and make me want to work on unfinished projects! Can't wait to see the finished product keep us posted!

  5. >Wonderboaaaarrrrd, what isssss the secret of your tile adhesionnnnn. I realize that will make only make sense to 3 people in the world: myself, Justin, and Jack Black, the author of the Tenacious D song "Wonderboy" I'm referencing. Seriously though, the bathroom is looking great, as well as the living room downstairs. You guys sure know how to remodel. ~Durk

  6. >Your floor looks fab! My bathroom has almost the *exact* same layout as yours, except we have this funky half-wall deal between the sink and the toilet. What's up with THAT?!?!