Organizing Baking Supplies in a Drawer – Pantry Alternative for a Small Kitchen

In our quest for the organized life, we’ve organized our entryway and our closet drawers and our coat closet and our pantry (and a spice rack or two) — so next up is our baking drawer, where we keep our pantry staple dry goods as a pantry alternative in our small kitchen. All of these organizing projects have happened over the last year… and then some… so it’s a slow quest, but a quest nonetheless! You can see more of our organizing and building and decorating projects by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.




Organizing Baking Supplies in a Deep Drawer

In our small kitchen, space is always at a premium, and we love the deep drawers as pantry alternative. They hold so much and keep it much more visible and accessible… when they’re organized. Which ours is, now! 😉 Whether you keep your baking supplies in a more traditional pantry or a less traditional drawer like ours, it’s so worth getting organized! What have you been organizing and what’s left on your list?

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How To Organize Baking Supplies In A Deep Drawer As A Pantry Alternative For A Small Kitchen #remodelaholic

Just like with the spice rack and pantry labels we shared recently, having the things you need accessible and looking great makes the entire kitchen that much more functional and takes out any “friction” that might keep me from food prep in the kitchen. And, let’s be honest, most days it doesn’t take much for me to say “let’s get takeout” instead of making something at home that’s more frugal and also usually healthier. So here’s to getting organized, saving money, and making healthier choices… even if we’re just baking our favorite pies 😉

What We Used to Organize Our Baking Supplies

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How to Organize Drawers As A Pantry Alternative For A Small Kitchen, Plus Best Affordable Food Storage Containers #remodelaholic

We used the same line of Better Homes & Gardens food storage containers that we used in our snack pantry roll-outs because we’ve loved them so much. They’re space-efficient, sturdy, and best of all, affordable! They fit great in our IKEA kitchen drawers.

Where are you organizing in your home? We are working on getting more organized in the digital world… 10+ years of photographing home projects and kids has left us with so much digital stuff to get organized and backed up! Any tips for us there? It could take another 10 years just to get caught up to where we are now…

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