Get This Look: Pattern Mixing in Kids’ Rooms

 A few weeks ago we shared tips for creating a mixed pattern master bedroom, but, like with most things… kids just break the rules. For the young ‘uns (or just the young at heart!), pattern mixing can be louder, brighter, and a little more anything-goes.

The best part about pattern mixing in a child’s room is that you can really incorporate all of the things that they love and make the room reflect their personality. If your daughter loves pink and green AND octopuses (octopi?), you can mix pink and green patterns with a fun octopus motif or wall art. The same goes for a son who loves black and soccer and dinosaurs — a little here, a little there, and everyone can be happy!  Read on for our tips on making pattern mixing work in your kid’s room. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - Pattern Mixing in Kids' Rooms - 7 tips from Remodelaholic

7 Tips for Pattern Mixing for Kids

1. Remember The Walls

Often walls are neutral or even a solid color, but consider using the walls as the first place to start with a pattern. Patterned doesn’t have to mean Aunt Gladys’ calico cat wallpaper, but keep in mind that wallpaper has come a long way in terms of designs! If just the thought of putting up wallpaper makes you cringe, instead try a large vinyl decal that can add character but will still be easy to apply and change. We like this modern tree and this cityscape, and these fun colorful circles would be great in any kid’s room! Amazon and other retailers have many options to match your child’s interests and your tastes. 

2. Heads Up

In a bedroom, the headboard can either be the stand-out star, or the best supporting actor. Using a fun pattern on an upholstered headboard (like this) gives it leading-lady status, or refinishing an already solid piece in a fun color helps bring the whole ensemble together. If you’re looking for something new, we love our headboard made from old cabinet doors and it would look great in any color! 

3. Customize It

A bedside lamp is a simple project to DIY to help fit the room’s color palette. It can be a punch of color and pattern to draw attention, or it can subtly add to and enhance the other colors. A lamp base can be easily spray painted, and a lamp shade is quick job to recover with fabric or even to paint

4. Make It Cushy

Pillowcases and throw pillow covers are easy to sew to give your bedding a custom look without paying top dollar. A trip to the fabric store and a couple of tutorial from Organize and Decorate Everything should get you started: easy magic pillowcases, an origami no-sew pillow cover, and a simple no-sew round bolster cushion

5. Keep It Kiddy

I love kid’s rooms that can be stylish and put-together, but still, ultimately, childish. A set of polka dot sheets keeps things fun no matter what other patterns you decide to use. Amazon has sets in black and white, green, and purple.  Or, if you’d rather take the polka dots to the windows, follow my tutorial for DIY polka dot confetti drapes

6. Paint It

I think this goes for just about any room… but when you’re making color the theme of the room, don’t be afraid to paint! Wicker furniture is generally inexpensive to buy secondhand, but it’s sturdy enough to hold up to kid use and looks great when painted a fun color, like the side table in this room. 

7. Mix It Up

This simplest way to mix colors is to mix hues of one color and white. Punch it up a little bit, and bring out the kid feeling, by using complementary colors like the orange and blue shown here. If the color starts to take on a life of its own, tone it down by bringing in some neutral white in a bedspread, bedside chair, or headboard.

Remember to vary both the patterns AND the scale of the patterns — two large-scale patterns will compete, so try one large scale bold pattern with a smaller scale more subtle pattern. Find the patterns you (and your child) love and then decide which pattern goes where and what scale it should be. Start with basic patterns like stripes, florals, and plaids, and expand into toile, gingham, and other fun patterns. 

Get This Look - Pattern Mixing in Kids' Rooms

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