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Bookshelves are seriously one of the most difficult areas of the home to style, at least in my home they are! I’m a book lover, and have a ton of bookshelves, so I’m always browsing Pinterest to see how some of the best bookshelves out there are styled:

shelf inspiration5
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shelf inspiration
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shelf inspiration1
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It looks so easy, right? Until you’re staring at a blank shelf and trying to figure out how to make the stuff you actually own look as good as the stuff in the photos you love.

Luckily for us, Jackie from the School of Decorating, has created an amazing course on the secrets of styling like the pros. This new Styling Secrets course literally walks you through the process of creating amazing looking spaces, in minimal time, with the things you already have.

7 Simple Styling Secrets, School of Decorating (9)

To show just how easy it is to apply Jackie’s methods to everyday decor, I put together this moodboard showing how a shelf arrangement that is just ok — like one you might toss up just to have things decorated — can be turned into one that is outstanding, using all the same items and applying decorating secrets like triangulation, which Jackie covers in-depth in the FREE workshop. It really is easy once you know the tricks!

Shelf before

Do you see how the first one just looks sort of flat? It has all the same stuff as the second, but is nowhere near as visually interesting or pinterest pretty. If you’re interested in sources for the moodboard above, here you go!

Fall Facets Print
Circlet Print
Sunday Morning Print
Honeycomb vases
Wood & Marble Bookend

And if you’re interested in learning the secrets to styling a pinterest worthy bookshelf every time, I encourage you to check out the new Styling Secrets course from School of Decorating.

The workshop is open only to Remodelaholics, only until Wednesday, so

sign up here for instant access.

7 Simple Styling Secrets, School of Decorating (1)

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