New Living Room Color Using Valspar’s Olive Marinade

New Living Room Color Using Valspar’s Olive Marinade
contributed by The Nest On The Hill

I fell in love with the curtains first. Before we owned a house, before we were finished hunting, I was thinking about those curtains. At this point, the living room is furthest along because I’ve pictured it in my mind for quite some time. It took some prodding to get Dan on board with the wall color (Valspar’s Olive Marinade), which he still claims is not the same as the mood board I used to sway him :), but finding the rest came pretty easy. 

We wanted to mix new, mid-century style pieces with anything we could find from thrift stores and consignment shops. The sofa was the tricky piece. With a small budget, we wanted something that would look great, but wouldn’t fall apart. After bouncing between a few online options, an  Urban Outfitters sofa and a few pieces at Macy’s we decided on Ikea’s Karlstad sofa. We were thrilled when, in the store, we found out we could get the tufted version in the exact color we wanted, though is wasn’t being offered online yet. 


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