CD Storage Cabinet Doors Above Window Treatment

CD Storage Cabinet Doors 
Above Window Treatment
contributed by Home Sweat Homemade
Earlier this year, the guest room/office really needed some new curtains.  The ones we inherited from the previous owners were a horribly awfully unflattering dark green cotton.  I hope I’m not understating just how completely unappealing they were.
But again, that pesky little budget reminded us to pinch pennies wisely.  So we purchased a simple roman shade in a blue ticking stripe (source) that will be versatile enough for whatever decor happens to land in this room.  Sometime.  In the future.
To set off the shades, we wanted a nice cornice.  But what?  Then I remembered removing the door panels from an old CD storage cabinet and stashing them in a closet.  So why not use them here?  In hindsight, the panels would have looked better had I mounted them spaced slightly from the wall rather than flush.  Oh well.  We’re pleased.
Another piece of unused furniture averted from the landfill.  Too bad about those green curtains though…

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