Salvaged Hutch Remodel

Salvaged Hutch Remodel
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I am so happy to have actually finished a project this week, I cannot even tell you.  I am usually someone who starts something, goes 100% at it, finishes it, then starts something else.  I don’t do well with loose ends.  But this week has been the week of loose ends.  So I’m trying to cope with that!

This huge piece is DONE.  I love it.  Found both halves at the goodwill but strangely enough, they were not being sold together.  Very odd.

Here is the before…

I don’t have many ‘in progress’ pictures since it was pretty basic.  I filled the center hardware holes, primed & painted.  Easy peasy, but it took forever to get two good coats all over this piece!  My dad cut new shelves for the piece, since the original glass was missing.  And then we added some fun trim to the center supports.

Nothing like painting in the dark 🙂

Love Gorilla Glue.

Can you tell I love the details on this piece?  They distressed so well.

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  1. >Gorgeous! Makes me want to take mine out and paint it too! I just keep getting stuck on the fact that it is a family piece. Of course, nobody else wanted it, so I could do what I want!

  2. >So pretty! I love all the little details…especially the knobs! Doesn't it feel good to get done with a big project? I have a project going in my garage that is taking up my parking space…I can't wait to get done! I forgot how miserable it is to defrost/scrape your car in the morning before work! 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. >I am looking for a piece just like this to go in my dining room. I need some more storage and display space and I thought a piece like this would fit the bill. I will keep looking. I'm sure I will find something similar eventually. Your piece turned out great!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. >It looks great!! I have a huge entertainment center I'm dying to paint-you just inspired me to step it up a little 🙂 Thanks for your boldness and creativity!