Get This Look: Bright White Double Vanity Bath

Sharing a bathroom isn’t always easy, whether it’s young siblings or adults doing the sharing. Having a double vanity with two sinks can definitely help easy the sharing-pain, though! This bright white bath for two makes the most of the available space without feeling cramped. Get our seven tips for making a small bathroom feel larger. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - Bright White Double Vanity Bath - 7 tips from Remodelaholic

Seven Tips for A Spaciously Small Double Vanity Bath

1. Keep It Natural

Natural light from a skylight makes a small room seem larger and more luxurious. DIY Network has tips for installing a traditional skylight or a tube skylight. If you’re not able to install a skylight, try making a fake one following this Makezine user’s instructions — it uses a solar panel so that it actually resembles the outside light changes!

2. Give It Some Texture

Keeping the room palette to primarily white makes the room feel bigger. But don’t let the white be bland! Add texture to the walls and ceiling. You can follow our instructions to install a plank wall or subway tile to add interest to the white color palette. 

3. Light The Way

Using unobtrusive, neutral light fixtures helps add to the serenity of the room. A pendant light gives enough light to illuminate the room when there isn’t natural light, and the two matching sconces above the sink create the idea of space, and are great for adding more light as needed. Try this industrial pendant light and a pair of these great priced nickel sconces from Amazon to light up your room. 

4. Make It Glass

Using a glass shower door expands the size of the room rather than cutting it off at the edge of the shower with a shower curtain. 

5. Green It Up

Adding a couple of small plants (real or fake) makes the room feel fresher and adds a much needed natural touch. 

6. Double Up

A traditional vanity would have taken up valuable space and made the bathroom feel cramped. Using two open pedestal sinks with two simple mirrors leaves open space to make the room feel larger. Plus, no more fighting over the sink at teeth-brushing time. 

7. Add Some Bling

Okay, okay… chrome or brushed nickel probably doesn’t count as bling. But the unified silver tones of the accessories — from the light fixtures to the faucet handles to the trash can — adds some visual interest without being overwhelming. Try this extendable hinged mirror or this polished stainless steel trash can from Amazon. 

Get This Look - Bright White Double Vanity Bath

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