Modern Wood Trivet with Vinyl for a Holiday Table Setting

Hi Remodelaholics, I’m so excited to be back again with another fun post. I’m Jen and I blog at Fresh Crush. Today I wanted to share with you a quick and easy project I made using vinyl. It was a simple addition to a tableware piece I already owned — and elevated it to be a perfect Thanksgiving addition, to any table-scape.


I had a wooden plate or trivet or cupcake holder — however you choose to see it, and, I wanted to layer it in to my Thanksgiving table setting. If you’ve got a similar die cut machine, follow along and see exactly how I did it. If not, this idea can certainly be adjusted to suit a scissor cut vinyl, with simple, traceable shapes like perhaps Autumn leaves! Or you could purchase premade vinyl decals. 

Dress up your holiday table setting with this easy personalized DIY wood trivet

How to Make a Modern Wood Trivet with Vinyl

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My Supply List:

  • Vinyl**
  • Transfer Paper
  • Cricut Die Cut Machine
  • Wooden Trivet (or item of your choosing) — this one is from HomeSense, but Amazon has several similar ones
  • Scissors
  • Burnish Tool (like an old gift card or this one)
  • Ruler

**If you don’t have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can also buy premade vinyl decals, like these snowflakes


First, I planned out my design. I measured the trivet I was working with to ensure I was creating my vinyl decal to the correct scale. I love the word “gather”. What better to tie into the Thanksgiving season, around the dining table, sharing a big meal with your loved ones? If you’d like to replicate this design, please download this free copy of my custom “gather” text.


I used the design software with my die cut machine to place my artwork into position. Once I was ready to go, and my vinyl product was loaded into the machine, it was a simple hit of the “go” button to let it cut away, and reveal my super fun decal! Peel the surrounding and unwanted vinyl away from your design. You’ll be left with something like this…


Pretty cool, right?! Because the design is delicate and involves thin areas in the design, I made sure to use vinyl transfer paper. This is a lightly tacky surface paper, that after you peel away the backing, you can place it on top of any design to safely transfer it, anywhere you need it to be. How great would a few inspiring words be, placed on top of a blank canvas?!


Place the transfer paper, sticky side down, onto your fresh vinyl decal. It’ll be okay, I promise.


Gently lift your design away from the vinyl backing paper. Now you’ll have your design on the transfer paper, reversed, and sticky-side up.


Apply the whole thing to your lucky item of choice — in my case, my decorative trivet. This is where it gets fun!


Be sure to use a burnishing tool (something like an old gift card works great), and smooth your design down. You want to remove any air bubbles and make sure your vinyl is making good contact with the surface below.


When you’re ready — peel away the backing of the transfer paper. It’s that easy!


Just look how gorgeous that looks! You can customize just about anything using this vinyl technique. This craft is so great for the holidays, because you can customize anything you have around the home and add those personal holiday touches that are “so you”. 


I loved using this piece to decorate my home with that distinctly Autumn vibe. If you’d like to see how the entire house got dressed up for Fall, check out my Fall Home Tour, over at Fresh Crush!


It turned out to be the perfect pairing for all my tabletop goodies this year. 


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