45+ Quick Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Feeling stressed about the Holidays and company? No problem get organized and clean with these 45+ Quick Cleaning Tips for the Holidays featured on Remodelaholic.com

The holidays are fast approaching and that means entertaining! The holidays are ripe with get-togethers, whether you host a sit-down dinner for Thanksgiving, a festive Christmas day gathering or a fun New Year’s Eve party.  With everything you’ve got on your plate, cleaning the house can be an overwhelming task.  Sprucing the space up for guests – especially for food-heavy festivities – paramount, but with limited time it’s hard to know where to begin.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do any deep scrubbing to get your house clean for the holidays.  Focusing on high traffic areas and using some simple, easy cleaning techniques will get – and KEEP – your house holiday ready!

45+ Quick Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

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Kitchen Cleaning Hacks 400Use these Kitchen Shortcuts to whip your kitchen into shape. // All You

O 80566571 570Don’t have a dishwasher?  Can’t cram all the dishes in before the party?  Here are 7 tips for hand washing dishes fast. // Huffington Post

How To Clean Cloudy Glassware The Easy WayIf your glasses are looking dingy, get them sparkling before the guests come with this easy clean how to for cloudy Glassware. // Involving Home

I X5FNRzf XLSilverware can leave your well-loved dishes scratched and worn looking, but before you buy new ones, try this tip to buff scratches out of dishes. // Outnumbered

Miracle Cleaner 18You can easily give new life to old pans with some simple cleaning ingredients!  If you’re baking this holiday season this is a must try. // One Good Thing

1240333826093161288Don’t ignore your pots and pans!  Brighten Stainless steel cookware in no time. //  lifehacker

16There’s an easy, safe and natural way to polish up tarnished silver. // On Sutton Place

Cleaning Cutting BoardsYou don’t need harsh cleaners and chemicals to easily clean your cutting board. // Craftionary

DSC 0591Garbage disposals and sinks can quickly become gunky and smelly.  It’s a cinch to clean and de-Stink your garbage disposal with some vinegar and lemons. // One Good Thing

DSCN4219 Thumb6Cleaning stove burners can be super difficult.  If you’ve got cooked on grime, you’ve got to see this easy solution. // The V Spot

E7739d275ede26c44265d0a41a081fd21bbae108Here’s an easy solution for cleaning the oven so it won’t take you an entire day of scrubbing. // Kitchn

How To Clean Between Oven Glass Ask Anna1Did you know you can clean between oven window glass?  Your oven will look brand new!  // Ask Anna

Cleaningmicrowave DooropenThe microwave is another hot spot for cooked on grease and grime.  You can clean your microwave in a snap with this simple trick! // The Manly Housekeeper

Home Hacks Spring Cleaning Today 150420 Belnder 01 Split 2c3eb95d453e24019598cd202bbc7fd3.today Inline Large2xWith all those tiny cracks and grooves, getting your blender spotless is a pain.  Clean your blender the easy way. // Today.com

903308db43a50ea9f8c7330473f0347eHow do you get and keep your fridge neat and tidy fast? This 3 Minute fridge clean will show you how. // Creek Line House

Kitchen Gunk Remover 9If they’re looking a little lack-luster, you can de-gunk your cabinets naturally. // One Good Thing

How To Remove Grease Out Of The Kitchen WallsGet your kitchen walls spotless with these tips to degrease your walls. // Cleaning Instructor

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45 Quick Cleaning Tips For The Holidays Featured On Remodelaholic Com

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