Bright Star: Inspiration Monday

Like I said in my last post with the Valentine idea, I recently saw Bright star.  It was a feast for my design loving eyes.  I wanted to share.  If you love design, I would highly recommend this movie.
First, Costumes:
The production designer and the costume designer for this movie was one person.  And I would very much like to meet her.  Every scene was beautiful (wait until you see the sets).   Fanny, the main character, matched her surroundings perfectly.  I am not sure if this is deliberate, but if she was in a dark room, her dress would match the leather sofa.  This didn’t however make her disappear into the furniture.  Instead she looked even more stunning, and the clothing was just wonderful.
On to the pictures, actually, this is merely a few, I loved pretty much every single dress that she wore.
This striped dress is my absolute favorite and if I can work it into my schedule I am going to make it.  
And I just need an excuse to wear a bonnet.  Can anyone think of one?
This white dress is my second favorite.  It is so beautiful.
Don’t you think I need to make a dress like this for Etta, with that bonnet.  I can make a little girl wear a bonnet without an excuse!  I want to point out that the backs of the dresses were every bit a beautiful as the front.  The way the dresses were put together and the location of the seams… just keep your eyes open when you watch it.
This red dress is also one of my favorites.
Second, Nature: 
(many of these pictures fit into several categories)
The movie shows the most beautiful landscape in every season, 
and not one is more beautiful than the next.  They are all wonderful.
I am so ready for spring… and flowers and trees, oh wait, I live in a state with no trees. yea. not.
Third, The House and Furnishings:
I am in love with the draperies.  It is like a loosely woven muslin or cheese cloth and they have it dyed in different colors and it billows and is see opaque and lovely.  I need these.  
This is my favorite style house.  sigh. 
And who wouldn’t love a whole yard of daffodils, (as long as you don’t have allergies)
I plan on having doors like this in my home someday.
Can’t you just picture Etta practicing her stitching in a little bonnet on the front porch?
Drapes again.
I could live in this room.
Love the hardware and the butterfly scene.
Doors again, and house
Sofa, fabric.
My dream house.
Don’t you just love that window above the front door?
Fourth, Color:  
I think these speak for themselves.
Fifth, Misc:
I love the different saucers and cups.
I never realized that this is how they would have learned to dance.  duh me.
And look:  reusable wrapping paper, like my Christmas wrapping  post.
and what is inside a silk pillowcase with the most beautiful embroidery I have ever seen.
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  1. >Oh girl, I am with you. You wanted to know when a good time to wear a bonnet is. Well, I think the best time to wear one is a day that ends in Y. : ) Check my blog, my post after "Rather Be…" is call "Things of beauty me". You will find the same beautiful things that you love. Regency, Edwardian, & Victorian era is my passion. Anytime you want to chat or share pics, I am in. I will be doing more post with these themes in mind. So check in often! Love ya girl!!

  2. >I'll take one of each please. I love them all, why is it that designers today want us to look like trash and not like that, I mean what girl doesn't want to look like a GIRL. I'll start wearing bonnets if you will, we can bring the trend back.

    Cha Cha

  3. >Bright Star was by far the Best Picture of the year. Did anyone in Hollywood even notice? (Just added you to my Google Reader.)

  4. Great article! I’m in love with the billowy cheesecloth like curtains. billowing in the breeze.

    BTW – I use the Google Chrome Browser & always miss the article intro because the banner with the date & article title covers up the text. I’m going to look at your site in Internet Explorer to see the browser is causing my problem.

    1. Michelle, actually when we moved from blogger to wordpress it messed up formatting for a few thousand posts, I just haven’t had time to fix them all yet!