Remodeled Kitchen, Using What You Have Update!

Remodeled Kitchen,  Using What You Have Update!

contributed by Julie @ Crae’s Creations & Co.

(site is not longer running, so link to Crae’s Creations has been removed)

Well folks!  It’s complete.  I know I said it should only take about TWO weeks, but who was I  kidding?  Huh, myself!  Two weeks my …. (insert whatever word you prefer here!)  This project took SIX weeks to complete.  It wouldn’t have been so long had Mike not had to go back to work so quickly.  I mean seriously?  Three weeks is not enough time to spend with my honey after being gone for a WHOLE YEAR!  Well, he must make the money to support my craft happy addiction!  So without further ado… THE KITCHEN, in all it’s glory!

Start to finish….just some fun pics from our journey.  I could spend a year telling you all how I did everything, but I won’t!  If you have questions about a certain task just ask!  I will be happy to let you know how we did what!!

The 80’s ugliness….say bye, bye!
My honey, hard at work…cutting out the bead board.
Oh, what a dusty mess!  Sanding down all the cupboards and cleaning them all out!
I really did help in this process!
Painting the inside of these things SUCK!
Thank goodness for paint guns!  We masked off the kitchen and Mike went to town.
Two coats of primer and two coats of antique white paint!
Oh So Pretty!
The tile!  This job was MASSIVE!  We didn’t just do the kitchen, but down the hallway and the entry way too.  I think at this point, Mike wanted to quit and go back to Iraq.  Tiling is hard work and THANKS to Mike C and Judd who came and helped.  We couldn’t have done it without you both!
Now, after this tiling job I PROMISE I helped Mike GROUT. IT. ALL.
Glazing!  Who ever knew you had to make something so UGLY to make it look so PRETTY?  I felt like I was destroying all the hard work when I was putting this glaze on top of the pretty white cabinets.
But, it was all worth it because this is what I have now!!!
Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen.  I am so proud that Mike and I did it all!  We worked so hard and learned so much with this project.  The biggest lesson learned?
NEVER DO IT AGAIN!  Just kiddin! I would definately do this again if it meant I got to stare at this beautiful kitchen instead of that ugly ol’ thing before!  Now, all I need it a new stove, microwave and dishwasher.  Anyone want to take care of that for me?
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  1. >Gorgeous. I grew up with a mother who has that thing you have. It's made me seriously averse to remodeling anything more complicated than where the pictures hang. I gotta tell you, I'm inspired and re-thinking my old thinking.

  2. >It looks fabulous! I think you need to post more pictures, though. Like the other side. (You can see a little piece of it in the last photo, bottom right hand corner)

  3. >Wow!!! I am blown away! Gorgeous! I would love to see close ups of the cabnets. I can't see what the glazing did exactly to them. It looks wonderful from a distance though! What a lot of work!