Silhouette Art Picture Tutorial

Deanne Jane at Cullen Kid’s Mum created a nice display of a silhouette art.  See how she did hers below.

This is such an adorable art craft and anyone can make one!

Supplies needed:

Any photography with a side profile
(1) frame any size (depending on what size you want your silhouette to be)
(1) Art canvas, the thin one
(1) Old book you don’t mind ripping apart 
      Modge Podge
      Paint brush
(1) Sheet matte-finish scrapbook paper/ thick,  BLACK (smooth or textured)  I prefer textured.

That is it, that is all you need!

Step 1:
Pick your photo, side profiles work best so you get the shapeoutline of the persons face.  



Step 2:  Increase the contrast very high until most of the image is black or white.  I use Microsoft Picture It program for all my editing.  


Step 3: Next go in with you freehand paint tool and color in the areas that need to be included in the silhouette.  It doesn’t have to be perfect just good enough that you can see how to cut it out.

Step 4:  Add any extras into your picture.  I wanted to add a few more curls to my daughter’s hair and I wanted her to have a skirt on since you couldn’t tell they were anywhere near the water anymore.
Step 5: Print out your silhouette the size you like and tape it to your black scrapbook paper.  Either use and exacto knife or scissors or both to cut out you image.  I ended up using both.
Step 6:  Start ripping out pages from your old book.  I know that is a huge ‘no, no’ but I’m sure you can find a book at a thrift store for about .25c that wouldn’t mind at all.  I love the ones with the yellowed edges. 
Now lay out your background design, play around with it to see what you like.  You can do them perfectly lined up side by side and precise.  I am not a perfect or precise artist, especially when it comes to my art.  Paint a layer of Modge Podge on the canvas and start sticking down your torn piece of book pages.  Paint each piece down as you go, that will prevent piece from humping up and getting bubbles under it.  
Step 7: I let that layer dry completely and then added another layer of Modge Podge.  Next lay down your silhouette and modge podge over it.  Let dry completely and then add one more layer of modge podge all over your canvas.  Hint: I go in one direction with all my strokes.
Step 8: Let it dry over night and your canvas in done!
Step 9: Frame it up.  I happen to get my frame from Micheal’s Craft Store.  It was a graduation frame marked down from $19.99 to $3.99.  I just took all the matting out and removed the glass.  I have seen tons of frames at local thrift store for .50c -1.00 and a quick coat of black matte spray paint will make any frame work for this project.
Making the Page flowers:
If you wanted to add the extra touch to your frame with the page flowers here is how you do those.
Rip another page out of your old book and fold the page from top to bottom like an accordion or fan.  Fold in half and glue together. (I hot glued mine which is so much faster)  Make one or two more depending on how thick you want your flower to be; I used three.  Fold in half and glue the other together.  Now glue each ‘fan’ to the other one and you will have a pretty fan flower.  I scalloped my edges but you can always just leave them straight.  Now add as many as you want.  I layered mine on the bottom corner, just cut the fans down to a smaller size and hot glue on top of the larger page flower.
Hope you enjoyed this craft.
Very cute!  I like how this silhouette art turned out with the text in the background and the flowers.
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  1. >This is the easiest silhouette tutorial I've seen… going to have to try it. Thanks! 🙂

  2. >Wow, thank you so much for picking my silhouette tutorial to be featured on Remodelaholic!! ~Thrilled would be an understatement~

    Thank you everyone for the sweet words, I am so glad you liked the tutorial and found the instructions easy to follow.


  3. >These look great! I have been thinking about doing a silhouette for such a long time and you made it look so easy that I am going to try it. Love how it looks! Thanks!