Mighty Spider Craft

Create an easy Halloween craft and use it to decorate your home. An easy mighty spider craft is the perfect addition for Halloween decor via tipsaholic.com #halloween #spider #crafts
Might Spider Halloween Spider

Marching down the dining table, long-legged visitors add arachnid appeal to a Halloween meal. Their twisty limbs can also cling to furniture, banisters, or any other place that could use a little creepy-crawly cool. What a fun way to add to your Halloween tablescape or add a little spookiness around your home.

What you will need to create Mighty Spider Craft:

  • tacky glue
  • small black pom-poms
  • large black pom-poms
  • red jewels
  • wire cutters
  • 18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire
  • wax paper
  • black acrylic paint
  • foam paint brush

To make each spider’s head and body, use tacky glue to join a small and a large black pom-pom. Glue 2 small jewels to the smaller one for eyes, then set the pom-poms aside to dry.

Use wire cutters to cut 4 equal lengths of18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire and carefully straighten the wires. Set them on waxed paper, apply black acrylic paint with a brush, and let dry.

Twist the strands together at their center points to create an 8-pronged starburst. Bend the joined wires to resemble spider legs, as shown. Glue the spider body atop the legs’ center point and let it dry.

This idea is so easy that even kids could help.

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