How to Remove (and Reuse) a Large Builder Grade Mirror

We’ve shown you how to frame a basic builder grade mirror (and here’s another method), and it is one of the easiest jobs to DIY in a bathroom makeover. But our guest today not only framed her mirror, she moved it to behind the tub to make this gorgeous space!

How to remove a large builder grade vanity mirror |Mommy is Coocoo on

When it comes to updating a bathroom mirror, you have lots of options, to fit any style, any budget. Framing the existing mirror costs very little (and doesn’t take a lot of DIY skills or tools!)
frame a large bathroom mirror
How to Frame a Large Bathroom Mirror
wood vanity and mirror frame
Bathroom Makeover by House of Tubers
featured in 8 Great Bathroom Makeovers on Remodelaholic

or you can spend a little bit more and replace the builder grade mirror with a new framed and beautiful mirror like these:

round driftwood mirror
The Corson Cottage on Remodelaholic
gold framed bathroom mirror
Vintage Romance on Remodelaholic
double bathroom mirrors
Single to Double Vanity Bathroom Renovation

or you can add both style and functionality and put in a recessed mirrored medicine cabinet (or three!)

triple mirror medicine cabinet
Batchelors Way on Remodelaholic

If you’re going to be replacing your builder grade mirror, consider doing what Amanda did and using it somewhere else in your bathroom or home. Large mirrors aren’t cheap, and a big mirror can add so much light and depth to any room. Here’s Amanda to tell you all about her tricks for removing a builder grade mirror:

How to Remove (and reuse) a Large Builder Grade Mirror on #diy #bathroom #buildergrade

How to Remove a Builder Grade Vanity Mirror
(and use it somewhere else)
by Amanda from Mommy is Coocoo

Hello, I am Amanda and I blog at mommy is coocoo.  My blog is all about fun!  I am a design lover, DIY’er and addicted to trash-to-treasure transformations.  I am most known for my EASY to Understand Chevron Stripe Tutorial.  The tutorial is so easy my five year old can do it.  Make sure you check out our video! My How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath is one of my most popular tutorials.  If you’ve ever thought about making an ornament wreath you’ll love this step-by-step tutorial.

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Now, how to transform your builders basic vanity mirror into this:

how to remove a large builder grade vanity mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
You will need to use your imagination in this post but it’ll be worth it so you can see how I turned my builders basic vanity mirror into the stunning mirror behind my bathtub for free!
before vanity mirror
Before my bathroom mirror was unframed and hung horizontally.  My contractor wanted $150 to remove and dispose of the mirror.  My contractor said it was nearly impossible to remove large mirrors like these without breaking them.
But I buy a lot of mirrors for  my free-standing doors with mirror so I know it’s not completely impossible.  I also know a mirror this size is worth several hundred dollars.
how to remove a large vanity mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic

So, I decided to call my mirror / glass expert and I asked him to make a house call.  I’ve bought mirrors for several years from the same company and they were happy to help.

On the way home from work, mirror man stopped by with a friend.  They brought four vacuum suction cup lifters for granite & glass lifting (see below) and after expertly placing them on the glass they gently wiggled and then lifted the mirror off the wall.

Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter for Granite & Glass Lifting, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
The entire process took about ten minutes.
  • I saved a lot of money (by not having to pay for mirror removal) and ended up with a beautiful result.
  • My contractor didn’t have to remove the mirror and learned something new.
  • With minimal effort Mirror Man made $40 on his way home from work.
removing and reusing a large builder grade mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic

To attach the mirror to its new spot mirror man advised using Gunther Premier Mirror Mastic which can be found at your local hardware store. 

how to frame a large builder grade mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
To complete the look, I purchased  two different styles of trim pieces and used paint and glaze I already had to make a frame for the mirror.
white painted trim frame builder grade mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
Contractor framed the mirror.
mirror behind tub, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic

My ever present assistants help me to caulk, fill in the nail holes and apply touch-up paint to the trim.

how to remove a large bathroom vanity mirror, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
The mirror (something most people would have ended up throwing away) has become the focal point of my bathroom!
  white bathroom makeover with builder grade mirror framed behind tub, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
cast iron tub with mirror behind, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic
While not everyone has a mirror man in their lives the point of this post is – be resourceful when remodeling!!!
Nearly everyone has access to a glass / mirror shop in their area.  Why not give them a call?
white master bathroom makeover, Mommy is Coocoo on Remodelaholic


Lovely, Amanda! Thanks for being our guest!
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  1. Neat use of mirror. I do have to note though, that this is not DIY since not only did she remove the mirror herself, but she also didn’t frame the mirror herself. Both were done by contractors. Therefore, despite the fact that we have an idea of what to do with the mirror, we are no closer to learning how to remove and reuse a large builder grade mirror ourselves. 🙁