DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table With Drink Cooler

Build a DIY outdoor pallet coffee table with drink cooler for relaxing on the patio this summer. This intermediate outdoor furniture woodworking plan and design features waterfall legs and a drink trough or planter. 

This outdoor coffee table with drink trough is part of our Pallets Aplenty pallet wood projects series. See more pallet project ideas here, and be sure to check out this octagon outdoor coffee table plan and build large pallet planters with this tutorial, too. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan

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DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

A while back we featured the most amazing outdoor dining table with inset drink holders.   The idea was really genius and has been made hundreds of times.

So that got us thinking.  What about those of you that like to sit around and talk on a patio, but don’t necessarily have room for a huge dining table.  This really cool coffee sized table with a drink cooler was born.

My wife and I sat down and started thinking about plans.  Chevrons are getting old and so we didn’t want to do a chevron, while we liked the idea of herringbone, we decided to try something different.  Still with some movement from section to section.

My wife drew up a cool looking top and as I drew it up in 3D I came up with waterfall over the edge table top design, integrating the legs and the tabletop.  And the modern waterfall coffee table was born!

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan

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We knew that we wanted to make if out of pallet wood.  (We literally have have a full pallet 4′ high of broken down pallets in our backyard that needs to be used up!!)

We designed the table around the center planter box, we bought off Amazon here.  The bin comes in different sizes as well, if you wanted to make your table bigger or smaller to fit your needs.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Planter Centerpiece | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan

The very best part about this design is it’s many options for how to use it.  You can use it for a cooler for drinks at a summer party, you can plant it with beautiful flowers or cool succulents or put it in your family room and fill it with craft supplies, or toys to be a Legos play table.

How to Build an Outdoor Coffee Table from Pallets

We created a great video overview of how we made the table.  Please be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel!

Please note: The video was built a little different than the plans.  The plans have a small lip that the planter box will sit on, holding it just below the top layer of the table, as well as an optional cover to extend the tabletop when the box is not in use.


After we finished up the plans, we sent them over to Blaine at Frank Curtis Design to build the table because we just didn’t have the time!  He did a great job and is available for custom pieces.

Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table Dimensions

We designed this outdoor coffee table to be big enough to use for entertaining, but small enough to fit a regular size deck or patio. It measures 49 1/2″ L x 27 1/2″ W x 18″ H. The inset drink trough uses a 30 inch planter box, which measures 29.75″ L x 8″ W x 5″ H.

Download the full woodworking plans here

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan
waterfall pallet coffee table front view
DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan
waterfall pallet coffee table side view

Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table FAQs

Where do I get pallet wood to build a table?

We found a local place that sells broken down pallets by the pallet full, so we bought a pallet of pallet boards. (So far, we’ve used this pallet wood to make jumbo yard dominoes, an easy rustic memo board, a DIY wood tray, and a wood Christmas tree advent calendar.)

If you don’t have a local option for pallet wood slats like that, it’s not hard to break down a pallet — see our video tutorial here with more tips for finding and working with pallet wood.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Planter Drink Trough Cooler | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan

How many pallets does it take to build a table?

To build this pallet coffee table, you’ll need 3-5 pallets worth of 40″ or longer boards, or approximately 25-30 boards (plus a couple of 2x4s for support structure).

Gather the wood of approximately the same thickness.  Not all pallets are the same, but if you can find most the the same thickness, the panels will work better.

The dimensions of the plans are designed for boards that are all around 3 1/4″ wide and 5/8″ thick. Depending on the pallets you use, you might have to adjust the measurements of the boards to work with the design. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Planter Drink Cooler | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan
Here’s a peek at the garden arbor you can build, too!

Can I build a pallet table with new lumber?

If you don’t have pallets and just want to purchase the wood, sub these red cedar flat top fence pickets from Home Depot. (Also available in 6ft length here or dog-ear here, if your store doesn’t stock the flat top boards.)

The cedar fence pickets are the same dimensions as the pallet wood the plan is designed for, and the cedar is naturally weather resistant so it’s a great material for a DIY outdoor coffee table.

How do I waterproof an outdoor pallet table?

We chose to treat the pallet wood with teak oil after sanding the surfaces smooth. Teak oil penetrates the wood to protect it from water, without giving the table a shiny finish like many other outdoor weatherproofing treatments do. It’s also easy to apply or reapply later as needed.

how to finish and waterproof an outdoor pallet wood coffee table


DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Coffee Table With Drink Cooler

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biscuit join tabletop, DIY pallet wood coffee table

We decided to try the biscuit join to keep the tabletop boards together, so that you cannot see holes where screws are.  But if you do not have a biscuit cutter you could also secure them together using a Kreg Jig pocket hole jig on the back of the panels.  

Tools Needed:

Purchase the outdoor coffee table with drink trough woodworking plans here.

This outdoor coffee table is great for ice and drinks when hosting a party or growing flowers!

DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan
DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table with Planter Box Centerpiece | Video Tutorial and Woodworking Plan

What do you think of our pallet wood coffee table with drink cooler?

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Build this rustic pallet wood coffee table for your patio -- the built-in drink cooler and waterfall style edges are fabulous! Free tutorial, plans, and video at

Published Sept 26 2016 // Updated March 26 2020
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  1. Love the table. As far as joining the wood, my favorite would be the Kreg joining system. Such strong joints.

  2. I have a question how would you just leave to of cooler pallet table without cooler in the style of table but no cooler part..Thank you debb