Standing Full Length Mirror Door


See how a you can make your own standing full length mirror to look like a door.  Get a vintage look by adding some nice scroll detail.


Submitted By Tracy @ Soul Style


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I am a Professional Interior Decorator, owner of Soul Style Interior Decorating & Home Staging.  ‘Musings on the Pretty’ is where I share client projects, DIY projects, DIY Tutorials, and random craziness. I believe that your style, objects and accessories tell your story, and combined with fabulous design, will create a home you’ll love coming home to.

Now below I want to show you how I made my own, standing full length mirror door.

First, look at all these beautiful old doors:


All the carved details, weathered finishes, and architectural elements are amazing:

You don’t even need to do anything with them – just lean them against the wall:



But you CAN do some really cool projects with old doors, like these:

Mount bedside sconces on them – I love the color & interest they add to this space!


Attach half a table to it to create an original & functional piece of furniture:

Add corbels & planks to create shelves.

Plus about a zillion more – search Vintage Door Projects on Pinterest – Everything from picnic tables to garden decor.

Old doors are just cool.  And I was smitten…..But I didn’t have an old door, I had this:

IKEA Mongstad Mirror

And you do need a full length mirror in your bedroom.
How else can you avoid VPL, flood pants, and other disasters.
I believe the world might be a better place if everyone had a full length mirror to check before they left the house.
So the Mirror had to become a Door.

When we purchased the dressers on Kijiji, they came with a headboard (and 2 nightstands, which are still waiting to be amazing).  I have no ‘Before’ picture (as in, ‘Before‘ we cut it into pieces) of the headboard, but it was basically just all these wooden scroll-y pieces, which I thought were pretty groovy.

The groovy scrolls were glued on (after much deliberation on placement & angle).  Then it was all primed (Zinsser Cover Stain) and painted (Sherwin Williams Proclassic paint in Oxford White (Benjamin Moore CC-30), the same as the dressers.  Once dry, I lightly sanded in a few spots, revealing the original dark color underneath.

Now to add all the ‘door bits’ – metal backplate, glass door knob, and hinges.

I picked up the glass knobs (at the time, purpose TBD) at an Antique/Collectible place for $15 each.  I got 2 – and used 1 here.
The metal backplates were $10 each.
See how the door knobs are connected with a metal rod?

It’s threaded, so the knobs just screw off.  Good to know.

The glass door knob was epoxied onto the metal backplate.

I sprayed ‘Egyptian Brown’ 4” door hinges (Home Depot) with Rustoleum Antique Nickel then Rustoleum Oil Rubbed bronze – layering the 2 so that they ended up a bit mottled looking.

I really was not sure that the IKEA frame could be screwed into, so I took the heads off the screws and just glued them into the holes. I used PL2000 Adhesive to adhere the hinges and the metal plate to the mirror-almost-door.

And now we have a cool ‘old door’ in the bedroom.  Without risking fashion disaster.

This was a really simple project.  You could use store bought wooden pieces to add the detail, and paint it any color that works in your space.  Of course, white was our my choice, but this would be gorg in a juicy bright raspberry, or in a bold teal blue.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary.
Fall in love with your home again.

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