Make a Modern Wall Hanging Pen Holder

How to Make a Modern Wall Hanging Pen Holder @Remodelaholic

Thank you so much Cassity and all the wonderful readers at Remodelaholic for having me here today! I am Ananda from A Piece Of Rainbow, where I share creative projects for the home.


If you are like me, who can never have enough room on a desk, then this project is for you! It’s a simple and easy diy that not only helps to reduce clutter on your desk, but also adds a unique piece of modern decor on your wall!

apieceofrainbow-r2 (8)

If you are super organized, unlike me, you can use it on your desk or as a book end!

The brilliant idea of making a wall hanging pen holder came from my dear hubby. Then one day I was at a construction site of a project we designed, and saw a chunk of 4″x6″ cedar post being trimmed off, I knew it was my lucky moment!

“Hi! Are you throwing that out?” “Yes. You want it?? Here!”  So, our pen holder is born!

How to Make a Wall-Hanging Pen Holder

Materials and tools:

  • a piece of 4″x6″ (or other size you like) wood about 6″ tall
  • optional: paint, card stock for stencil
  • drill, 5/8″ drill bit (depending on how chubby your pens are)
  • sand paper
  • felt pads and glue
  • saw tooth hanger and nails that come with it

apieceofrainbow-r2 (2)

First we marked 8 center points on the face of the wood that’s going to be drilled.

apieceofrainbow-r2 (1)

To make sure they look nice, we also cut out some 5/8″ diameter paper circles to see they are not too jammed together.

apieceofrainbow-r2 (3)

Next drill each hole about 3″ to 4″ deep. It’s important to keep the drill as vertical as possible. It’s best if one can check while the other does the drilling.

Give it a little sanding, and now the fun part – decorate to your heart’s desire!

apieceofrainbow-r2 (4)

I want to take a little extra step here to show you my first ( and failed ) attempt. I think there is this myth about DIY when we see gorgeous beginning to end photos that show a perfectly clean work space, and OTHER talented people making thing so pretty every time. If you feel that way, and get discouraged when your DIY “fail”, keep reading!

From my own DIY experience, 99% of my projects went through unexpected failures and setbacks before that final piece comes out!! This one is no exception =)

I first envisioned a gold-white-natural wood stripe design, sounds pretty fancy right? I even have a nice process photo for it! When I finished, it did not look as good as I imagined at all! The gold has a similar tone to the cedar wood, and was totally lost, so I was left with these odd white stripes!

apieceofrainbow-r2 (5)Ok, I am used to DIY failures, and get giddy instead of sad when that happens! Sand it and start over!

apieceofrainbow-r2 (7)Inspired by mid-centry modern designs, I took a piece of paper, cut it to the size of the wood face,  folded and colored a triangle pattern. Feeling good about it, I cut out a couple of stencils from chocolate boxes (chocolate also helps when I experience setbacks!) and painted in the triangles along some light pencil guidelines I drew on the wood.

The sanded white and gold shows through a bit, giving it a little chippy charm. See, failures are part of a happy ending too!

I also painted the interiors of the drilled area white, to add some fun design element, and smooth out the wood surface a bit.

apieceofrainbow-r2 (11)apieceofrainbow-r2 (9)The final step is to attache the sawtooth hanger with nails, and add a couple of felt pads to keep it hang flush on the wall. Now you have a one of a kind pen holder!

Do you love reclaimed wood? Perhaps check out these storage crates made with pallet wood, inspired by vintage orchard and farm crates with an easy wax paper image transfer method!



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  1. Hey Ananda, these are some great DIY ideas that you shared. I must appreciate and say that they look very creative and also easy to follow. I’ll try making one.