DIY Marble Mirrors

DIY Faux Marble Mirrors -- such a fun way to add some chic marble to a room!

Hello everyone, It’s Karisa from Petite Modern Life. Recently I’ve shared my DIY Concrete Island, DIY Blanket Box, and DIY Light Stands! Today I’m going to share a fun and easy project to uniquely decorate your home: DIY Marble Mirrors.

How to Make Your Own DIY Marble Mirrors

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DIY Faux Marble Mirrors

The greatest aspect of this craft project is how inexpensive the materials are! I found the contact paper on Amazon for a great price and the craft plywood and mirrors can be acquired at a Joann Fabrics or Michael’s Craft store.

First measure and mark your board into thirds. My 12×24 board gave me 3- 8″x 12″ mirrors. DIY Faux Marble MirrorsDIY Faux Marble Mirrors

Using your box cutter knife, score the wood until you can evenly break it apart. (You could also run it through a table saw.)DIY Faux Marble MirrorsSmooth out your edges with light sandpaper.DIY Faux Marble MirrorsNext decided upon the layout of your mirrors. DIY Faux Marble MirrorsTrace your mirrors onto the board.
DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors

Then trace a slightly small version of your mirrors/shapes inside of the shapes. This is so you can glue the mirrors on the back of the wood without having them fall through.DIY Faux Marble Mirrors

Score your tracings with the box cutter. Using a straight edge is very helpful. Don’t worry if you mess up your line though, you’ll be covering the board with contact paper!

DIY Faux Marble Mirrors

I used my Dremel with wood/multi purpose saw blade to cut out my shapes. It was much quicker than going over the lines with my box cutter. You can turn your board over halfway during cutting to cut through the other side. Simply punch out the shape once it’s cut close enough to the corners then clean up the edges with your exacto knife and sandpaper.

DIY Faux Marble MirrorsDIY Faux Marble MirrorsDIY Faux Marble MirrorsNext, lay your boards out on top of the contact paper. They fit 2 across perfectly. Cut the contact paper with scissors. Use your exacto knife to cut the contact paper within the shapes like show below. DIY Faux Marble MirrorsPeel of the backing of the contact paper and stick the board on top. You can smooth out the bubbles after you secure the paper inside of the shapes.DIY Faux Marble MirrorsTo secure the mirrors I simply placed them on top of their shapes and hot glued the edges to the board! It dries fast and didn’t create residue on the other side. Easy!DIY Faux Marble Mirrors Oh- and they look great!DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors DIY Faux Marble Mirrors

Mounted to the wall or resting on top of a shelf, these mirrors will make a gorgeous pop to your decor! Thanks for following along this tutorial. You might also like my other posts here.

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