Double The Fun! IKEA Rast Dresser Hack

Coming up next in our IKEA to the Max series of tutorials and tips: Betty from Oh Everything Handmade is here to share with you her easy RAST dresser hack that proves that two is better than one! 😉  See all the IKEA to the Max posts here (and all our previous IKEA posts here), and be sure to subscribe by RSS or email to get updates for every post. 

Double IKEA Rast chest hack to make a long dresser with storage cubbies, Oh Everything Handmade on @Remodelaholic

Hi, there glad to be back with a fun IKEA Rast Hack 101 tutorial overview. I finished this piece a few years ago for my son’s room. After months of trying to find a dresser that was fitting our needs, I decided to build it myself. We wondered through the IKEA isles when the idea came to me that I could attach two IKEA RAST dresser to achieve more storage space, and stay within a low budget.

I envisioned a dresser with some storage options for books and toys. Something he could grow into and use for a few years.

IKEA RAST Hack 101- finished project

IKEA RAST Hack 101- Paining the dresser

Step by step overview

  • use two 1′ x 6’ft boards and cut them to the length needed.
  • glue and screw the bottom board to the bottom of the two dressers.
  • flip it over and attach the top the same way as the bottom
  • fill in the front of the dressers with 2″ boards
  • measure the height, then glue and screw on the sideboard
  • attach a shelf with glue and screws

IKEA RAST Hack 101- attaching border and shelving

  • apply a border for a nicer finish
  • fill any gaps or imperfections with wood filler (let dry)
  • sand the entire piece with 180 – 200 grit sandpaper
  • paint or stain

IKEA RAST Hack 101

IKEA RAST Hack 101- filling empty spaces

To make the entire dresser appear taller, I use 1 package of the CAPITA legs from Ikea. And painted the drawer knobs.

  • Acrylic paint and small brush for the knobs (your desired color, I used turquoise paint from hobby lobby)

That’s it you guys!

Hope you enjoyed my overview for the Ikea RAST Hack.

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Built in desk nook from Ikea bookshelf, by Domestically Speaking featured on @Remodelaholic

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    1. Hi Karen, yes I did. I simply glued the two dresser together and used clamps to secure everything. The next day I added the bottom and everything else.