DIY Valentine’s Day Decor: Faux Bois Pitcher with Carved Heart

Celebrate you and your sweetheart with this simple and fast craft: a DIY faux bois pitcher with a carved heart. It’s the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decor! 

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Valentine’s Day Faux Bois Pitcher Supplies:

White (or light colored) pitcher and matching mugs

Ceramic Sharpies or Pens

Optional – Rubbing alcohol (for mistakes!!)

DIY Valentines Decor Carved Heart Pitcher From Remodelaholic

Valentine’s Day Faux Bois Pitcher Instructions:

1. Draw the heart and initials.
Valentines Day Decor Tutorial For Faux Bois Pitcher From Remodelaholic
2. Draw the small circle/oval shapes for “knots”. Kinda wonky ones are okay! And draw the the lines surrounding the knots.
Faux Bois With Carved Heart Valentines Day Table Decor From Remodelaholic
4. Draw lines top to bottom. Exaggerate the shapes a little bit for an organic and real look!
Carved Heart Valentines Decor Faux Bois Water Pitcher From Remodelaholic
Tip: A new pen keeps lines solid and crisp.
So cute, right? And the perfect thing for your Valentine’s Day decor!
Adorable Faux Bois Pitcher With Carved Hearts By @Remodelaholic
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Adorable Faux Bois Pitcher With Carved Hearts By @Remodelaholic
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Originally published 02.11.2017 // Updated 01.30.2020

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