Looking Forward; 2013

Tuesday I showed you what we’ve been up to this past year.  It was a good year, very busy, and with the move we are still catching up.  But since it is tradition that we share a few goals, I did it last year and the year before,  I wanted to try again this year…

First let review how last years goals shook out…

1. Post daily.  Done.  With the exception of a month or so during the move this summer, I have posted almost daily, Monday through Friday! (and Saturday)

2. Be more personal…. meh, I tried to do the 31 days post and failed.  But I have been sharing a few more personal post here and there… so I am getting better, but I am pretty sure this will be on the list this year in some form… Hopefully this won’t be on the list every year, “to dream the impossible dream…” like it has been for the last two years!  (I’m not the only one that doesn’t get all goals done right?) 

We have broadened or scope of our blog to more than just remodeling houses again so I am glad about that at least.  That is more true to me, since I am a poor “do things in order” kinda girl.

3.  Keep up to date with projects… FAIL!  But I have a plan for this year, I really am going to try to be more real time.  But I have to show you the projects that we finished in our last house first!  And like I said I have a plan, so I think this may actually happen this year!

4. Get the blog out there, I did better at the beginning of the year, then it sorta fizzled out after the move, but I do know I am not superwoman, So I am okay with this, I think the goal morphed alittle, we will see what happens.

5. Do some fabulous projects… Done!

  • Faux Mantel…!  Done and posted here and all the progress of the built ins here!
  • The kitchen – say goodbye to our (not cool, even though I usually like the color) orange theme! – Goals changed here, but we did finish the kitchen, but since we decided to rent the realtor advised us NOT to paint the cabinets… dun, dun, dun!  I know, but I think for those of you that can’t paint your cabinets, I have some great ideas to update the look of plain old builder grade cabinets!  I have it scheduled to show you in the next few weeks!
  • Finish the half bath already… done!
  • The Master Bathroom!  Done,
  • Finish Etta’s Room, done, not posted.
  • The Master Closet (maybe)  but we may not have time for this one…. and that was true, we had to leave this one undone!
  • Move, well, we thought we would be moving to Dallas, but instead, Justin quit that job and we moved to Utah.  A bit unexpected but it has been a great change for us.

6. Answer questions  – yes, I have done much better at this, not perfect.  But I have really tried ( I am doing this via the comments section)

7. Balance, – I am doing better, but I am not perfect.  It is just not my personality, I tend to through myself into say, making dolls for a few days, then I get board and move on to something else, and don’t’ even get me started about when I start to read a book… I can’t do ANYTHING else!  I guess that is why we have 365 days a year, to try an learn how to do it all over again everyday of our lives.


Okay so on to the new year.

Funny Mayan Calendar Joke

2013 (Blogging/Life) Goals

I am going to keep it simple:

1. Don’t by stuff for new projects, unless I KNOW I am going to work on it immediately.  I tend to be a bit of a boy scout (only I am a girl- just making that clear!) my motto is “be prepared”, well not motto, more frame of mind.  So I tend to buy things for future projects, that don’t come to fruition – so my craft closet has affectionately now been named that “crap closet”… uh, yeah, my name is Cassity and I have a problem..  I buy too much crap!

I need to focus more and only purchase as much stuff as we need for our current project.  This will be good for several reasons:  I will end up finishing a project (wow, wouldn’t that be a miracle!), I will stay more current with my project posts, keep my house from filling up with unused crap, and we will save money.  (why haven’t I always done this? insert slap to forehead)  Additionally, as part of this goal I really want to use what we have first and make sure we are recycling and up cycling – cuz there is nothing as satisfying as using up what you have for a brand new item!

2. Build a kitchen from the ground up.  I explained earlier this summer, that we moved in with family and we’ve been doing some remodeling (how original of us!.. Do we do anything else? Hardly, although I have been watching Alias on Netflix – curse you Netflix, there are 105 stinking episodes, I haven’t slept more than like 6 hours in a week…. ANYWHO) Well part of that is building a kitchen from scratch.. Oughta be fun, and I really want to make it beautiful on a budget, we’ll see how we do.

3. Be true to what I love!!!  And that my friends is – remodeling, remaking, creating, cooking and my family (not in that order, but ya get the picture right?).  I don’t know about you but sometimes, when we look at the wide world of Pinterest (I know it is silly to compare life to Pinterest- see graphic below!, but I know I am not alone), I can begin to feel “less than” ya know what I mean Vern? 

I don’t have a million dollar home, technically we are renting right now.  But I love where I am right now.  I love being in a small home with my family.  We are so close and get to spend so much time together.  When it comes to remodeling, sometimes it means that I have to work around things that I don’t love- budgets can be limiting, so the before and after isn’t always smashing.  But I am learning (and hope to continue to learn) how to become less self conscious of what I love and what I want my home to be. I want to be more accepting of what we have right now, not looking forward to “the dream house”, but making our home perfect for us right now, and embrace the peculiarities and help them shine, even if I wouldn’t have picked them out!

4. Work off my blogger butt!  Yes, that is a part of this job, blogger butt syndrome- too much time in front of a computer screen.  Also, I am hoping that another baby comes along in the next year and I still have to lose that last 10 lbs from Lydia.  I get super sick when I am prego, but this time I am determined to do a little bit of exercise throughout and try to watch what I eat to control my weight gain.  I don’t consider myself old, but I am past the free ride stage of keeping my figure, and I have reached, the “work for what you want stage”.  So I need to figure out what works for me…

5. Spend a little less time online and more in life.  This move has been good for us.  I am online less, I just need how to be wise with my time.

6. Do weekly or biweekly family posts…. yes, it is like making you watch a slide show of our vacation!  I hope it isn’t that boring, I guess you don’t have to read them!


life like pinterest

Do you guys have any goals for this coming year?

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  1. These are great resolutions! I just came upon your blog a few days ago and love it already. My new year’s resolutions all center around being more “intentional”… about how I spend my time, energy & money. Happy 2013!

    1. Jessica, that is a great word for the year! I really love it! It is what i would like to be, I do not want to live by the seat of my pants… I want to do the things that mean the most.

  2. I am sooooooo confused. LOL! I have been reading your blog for a couple years now. I know you moved to Utah…thought you were living with family. You were talking about remodeling in a basement? And now, you have closed on a house that took the guy 13 days to sign and looked like a frat house (as in not cleaned for 8 years). So, are you renting, living in the basement with family, or did you buy a house. I must have missed something somewhere and feel lost. Please help! LOL!

    1. Mikal, Sorry for the confusion. We are still in Utah with family, in a basement renting. BUT I never had a chance to post about 6-7 really large whole room projects from our Texas house We worked night and days for 4 weeks wrapping everything up and with the move and everything I just never showed any of it. So before I show any more current project, I am wrapping up all the updates we made on our last house in Texas before we show you stuff on the new house. Clear as Mud?