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You guys, my heart LOVES fall.  All the beautiful fall leaf goodness?  Makes me want to sing, and there is something else.

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (1 of 2)

The leaves around here haven’t quite started to fall, but something else has.  Like golden little nuggets from the sky (wait, that sounds bad…)  Anyway, our walnuts are ready!!  Hallelujah!

I think I’ve mentioned before that the main reason I fell in love with this house is the trees in our yard.  As a native of northern California, I have a thing for trees.  Big tall trees, not the native scrub oaks of Utah.  So, when we found out about this house, my heart was invested immediately!  I literally bought our house for the 2 HUGE walnut trees (several fruit trees, a flowering ornamental and 2 big pines), 2 major heart desires were fulfilled.

  1. Having large trees in my yard
  2. Having fruit bearing trees

Besides, not only am I a little nuts, I also LOVE nuts!  Walnuts trump apricots any day… so they are even more exciting (at least to me, nothing against apricots).  And since my father is a willing nut cracker… we have the most beautiful crop of walnuts you would ever imagine.

We realized last year that we need to pick up the nuts BEFORE the leaves fall.  It is much harder sifting through all the crazy fall leaves.  In fact, last year on Thanksgiving, my whole family came over and picked up a bunch of nuts. (like things stick together) but seriously it was so fun (and a little scary when my brother climbed the tree to shake the branches to get more off… )  Seriously though I have the best family!

We’ve been thinking about how we can make harvesting this year’s walnut crop a little more fun!   And see if we could come up with any fun games so that we can garner some help from my siblings again around Thanksgiving!

We needed a large trash can, so went to Home Depot and bought a nice big Rubbermaid Roughneck trash can.  (We figured once we box up the nuts to thoroughly dry out, we can use the can to collect all the leaves that will be coming down in the next month!)


It has a nice wide wheel base with little inline skate wheels, and a great big fix handle, so even Lydia can handle moving it (when it is not too full!).  She wheeled it out of the store for us (and was so proud!)

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (9 of 9)

Justin came up with the best game idea.  He stopped by our local Goodwill (the DI) and bought some old golf clubs (we should have purchased some small ones, we will have to go back before thanksgiving), note to self.

We made a few games out of picking up nuts.

First Basketball like nut throws:

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (2 of 9)

walnut golfing (see the need for children’s sized golf clubs…)
cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (3 of 9)

This was the most fun, although  none of us were very good at it, I think this will be the best Thanksgiving (walnut collection) game “Golfing for Pies”!!

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (5 of 9)

Lydia got a little frustrated by her non golfing skills and went and found an old Easter basket to go on a walnut hunt!

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (4 of 9)

(this was the fastest form of walnut collection so it worked for me!)

cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic (7 of 9)

What yard clean up projects do you have to do this fall?

1 Cleaning up the backyard with roughneck @remodelaholic


*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Newell Rubbermaid®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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