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Happy Saturday! If you’re new around here, every Saturday we share a new DIY video over on our YouTube channel (if you haven’t already, we’d love to have you subscribe to be the first to see our new content each week!) Today, we’re walking you through LIVE building a really simple, really versatile version of our popular rustic wall bins.

No Tools Required Easy Rustic Wood Wall Bins For Storage And Decor #remodelaholic

How to Build an Easy Wooden Wall Bin

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We built this wall bin from reclaimed pallet wood, and simplified it even more than the original to make it a quick and easy beginner build – no angled cuts, just straight cuts. You could easily build this yourself without ANY power tools — an inexpensive miter box and saw and a hammer and nails is all you really need.  And on top of seeing how quick and easy it is to build this with just a hammer and nails, you get to see how our dynamic Remodelaholic duo *really* works together 😉

Check out the original rustic wood wall bins here — I won’t lie, I’m still a little sad we left them behind when we moved. I love our new entryway organization, but the slim profile of the wall bins was so convenient for those little items — gloves and scarves and baby shoes since my girls were so little when we first built these!

Rustic Wall Storage Bins @remodelaholic

This simplified version features all straight cuts, which makes the building even easier and actually makes the storage even more versatile — just around our house, we tried out these wood bins with plants in our kitchen window;

Easy To Build Rustic Wood Wall Bin As Herb Garden For Plants #remodelaholic

paint, glue, and supplies in the garage; and in the bathroom for towels, toilet paper, and toiletries like lotion and hairspray.

Easy To Build Rustic Wood Wall Bin For Garage Paint And Glue Storage #remodelaholic

You can use a nicer grade of wood and stain it for a classy department store style (and wouldn’t these labels holders be fun to add!) or stick with a less expensive board and paint or stain it to match your decor. So versatile to fit wherever you need a bit of added storage space — in an entryway, kids room, craft room or office, even in a closet!

Easy To Build Rustic Wood Wall Bin For Bathroom Storage #remodelaholic

We’d love to hear where you’ll be using these wall bins — and let us know what else you’d love to see us build!

Easy To Build Rustic Wood Wall Bin For Versatile Bathroom Storage #remodelaholic

Don’t forget to check out the original plans for the angled wall bins, too!

A rustic wood wall bin is the perfect wall storage for hats and gloves, craft supplies, plants, bathroom toiletries, and more. Build an easy no-tools-required wall bin or a simple angled wall bin. #remodelaholic #freebuildingplan #beginningbuilder

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