If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, those Remodelaholics seem like good people that I’d like to work with,” — well, now is your chance! We are always looking for talented contributors to share high-quality home and DIY content here while we are covered in demolition dust and, you know, raising our adorable kiddos.

We are looking for friendly, awesome, and dependable bloggers who would love to share new and awesome DIY tutorials with our amazing Remodelaholic readers.

What we expect from you

  • A new tutorial 6-12 weeks, with an initial 3 post commitment
  • High-quality original content, exclusive to Remodelaholic
    • Includes high-quality photos and (raw) video to accompany the post
    • May be edited (changed 40% or more) and re-posted on your site 9+ months after publication on Remodelaholic

What you’ll get by being a contributor

  • Exposure on Remodelaholic’s site, social media, and Pinterest boards
  • Access to pin to the Remodelaholics Contributors board
  • Up to 4 do-follow links to your site in each contributed post
  • Weekly Facebook shout-outs per month about your blog and projects (specified by you)
  • Access to the contributors group on Facebook where you can network and ask questions of us and the other amazing contributors
  • A small compensation for each post (it won’t make you rich, but it might take you out for ice cream 🙂
  • Additional paid opportunities may be available on occasion

Interested? Submit the form to apply or drop us a line at hello@remodelaholic.com

  • Tell Us About Yourself

  • Briefly sum up who you are as a blogger, what you blog about -- give us your elevator pitch.
  • Now, Impress Us...

  • Tell us why you'd like to contribute to Remodelaholic.
  • What unique traits, skills, or experience makes you the perfect fit for this contributor position?
  • Strut Your Stuff

    Give us 3-5 links to posts that *best* showcase the attributes you've told us about above -- show us how you'll be a great fit for Remodelaholic.
  • One Last Thing...