Instagram feature

I am passionate about easy, inexpensive, and creative home decorating and organizing.

And I have 39K+ followers on Instagram who are, too.

So, if you have an awesome project, I want to feature you!

For Instagram features, I’m looking for simple projects that can be explained in 1-3 sentences and have a beautiful Instagram-style photo. (If you have a full DIY tutorial that you’d love for us to feature on the site, head over here.)

How it works:

Post your best project photo on Instagram and tag with #imaremodelaholic.

A couple tips on how to stand out and actually get a feature:

  1. Take a look through my Instagram feed  to get a sense of the images I like to share.  Namely, bright rooms, that are clean and staged.
  2. I like to share one single image, not collages.
  3. I don’t like images with filters.
  4. Try to take the image during the day, with good daylight in the shot.
  5. The more recent the photo the easier it is for me to find it.  If you tag an old post, it can get lost in the hashtag and not even be seen.  Repost if you need to, but tag the new post.
  6. Please no pictures with people in it, even and especially your cute kids.  I feel more comfortable just sharing interior shots.
  7. I love DIY project images that are a GREAT idea.  They need to be easy to explain in a couple steps.  Think upcycling, new uses for old things, organization etc.  And make sure the picture is beautiful.

Also, in the spirit of paying it forward, I always love it when you share and tag our @remodelaholic account to show your followers one of your favorite Instagram accounts.  THANKS!