Summer break is the perfect time to break out your fort building skills!  Kids love secret spots, and they’ll love it even more if they help you make it themselves

No need for a tree for this small outdoor fort!  In just about 3 hours you can be finished with this easy wood build. 

Use some left over decking wood to create a cute little tree fort.  This fort has two tiers with multiple entrances of ladders and climbing ropes to make for interesting imaginative play.

With some rope, sheets, blankets and a little imagination you can create a huge fort that will fit all the kids!  Just use structures already in your backyard as the main framework – fences, decks, railings, swing sets, etc.  

Turn an entire room into your fort space!  Want a fort feeling without being cramped?  Use the whole room and create the tent-like feeling by hanging and draping sheets all along the walls and maybe even overhead.

Ask any kids and they’ll tell you: cardboard is the best material to use for fort building!  The kids can definitely help create this one with boxes and duct tape.

This adorable canopy fort is made from flat sheets and a hula hoop!  It’s small enough to use inside, but great for outdoor play too.  All you need is a high enough spot to hang it from.

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