5 Disney Party Ideas: For the Boys

Your son (or daughter) is sure to love one of these Disney party ideas based on the following movies: Lion King, Planes, Wall-E, Cars, and Toy Story. 5 Disney Party Ideas: For the Boys via tipsaholic.com #disney #boys #birthday #party #disneyparty #parties

5 Disney Party Ideas For the Boys
Do you have a son whose birthday is coming up? He’s sure to love one of these Disney party ideas based on the following movies: Lion King, Planes, Wall-E, Cars, and Toy Story. Actually, these Disney party ideas would work just as well for girls who aren’t into princesses!



There’s just something about these flying machines that capture kids’ attention, so it’s no wonder Disney made Planes, a story of a cropduster plane that has to overcome its fear of heights to compete in plane races. Braden’s 4th birthday party turned out so great thanks to his mom’s party planning, which included fun cupcake wrappers in the shape of the plane characters, marshmallow pops, and lots of decor and food details in the colors of blue and orange, based on the movie. My favorite things from this party is how 2-liter soda bottles were turned into planes with the help of glue, paint, and cardboard!

Need more ideas? Just go crazy with the plane theme in your decor and cookies – how about providing a paper plane craft for the kids to make, using cloud placemats, and serving plane-shaped cookies? Get all these ideas and more from this cool birthday party!



Set in the future, Wall-E is an adventure and a romance movie in one, but it also holds several important lessons for kids. And of course, don’t forget, there are robots in the movie! This awesome Wall-E birthday party for Jack’s 6th birthday pulls out all the stops, from an aqua and lime color theme, intricately decorated desserts, plant samples of sunflowers for the guests to take home, a photo booth with Wall-E, and a robot trash pick up game complete with robot arms!



For kids who love cars and all fast things, Cars is a wonderful, wonderful movie. If you have a child like that, you might want to give him or her a Cars-themed birthday party like the one that Nikka hosted for her son Max! The party is more based on the city of Radiator Springs than the race, so there are a lot of vintage details throughout the decor and the food, from the Tow Mater backdrop to the antiqued letters spelling out the birthday boy’s name. The cake pops in the images of the car characters are crazy good, but don’t overlook all the other ideas: the use of tires as party decor, the cookies with the images of the characters, the use of burlap throughout the decor to add a vintage feel, brown sugar (to resemble sand) to hold the cake pops upright, and donuts on straws to resemble tires. So, so fun.


Toy Story

All three movies of the Toy Story franchise have captured the hearts of millions of kids, and so any kid would love a birthday party based on Toy Story. Alison hosted this really great Toy Story-themed birthday party for her son that included a cardboard birthday banner in the colors and patterns found in the movie, green army men parachuting from the ceiling, personalized candy bars for guests, and a wide variety of games. Every guest came dressed as their favorite Toy Story character and played games, from guessing how many green army men there were in a big jar, a Toy Story bingo game, pin the star on Woody, pass the “hot” space rock, a Mr. Potato Head relay, and more! That’s not all – every guest wore a party hat that looked like aliens and ate cupcakes served in dump trucks.

If you’re still looking for more Disney party ideas for a Toy Story party, check out these great game ideas that includes toy bowling, ice cube toys, and more.


Lion King

What’s cooler than lions? A party based on the Lion King movie, of course. Check out this simple but sweet Lion King party for a three-year-old boy, complete with invitations (free download!), a cake with Simba on it, and a fun lion pinata.

If you’re having a hard time finding decor items for your party, try finding safari ideas – they would work just as well! This safari party is full of cute decor and food ideas.


Of course, a trip to Disneyland would be the ultimate party.   If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip soon and want to get a good discount on Park tickets and your hotel stay be sure to check out Get Away Today. We always book through them.  Use promo code REMODEL when you book!   (For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links, which allow us to continue providing you lots of decorating and DIY ideas at no cost to you. Learn more here.)

What other Disney party ideas have you seen that would make any little boy or girl very happy on their birthday? Or have you hosted a Disney birthday party yourself? Share all of your Disney party ideas in the comments!

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