5 Up Dos

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5 Up Dos

For most formal occasions the up do is a must. It keeps your hair up and out of your face, allowing your outfit to shine. It can also give you a professional look when needed. Check out these five easy updos for ideas for your next event.


Top Bun Updo

This look will always be stylish and is so simple to do. Simply pull hair into a high ponytail, twist the hair around into a bun, and secure with an elastic band. No need to add another accessories or even hairspray.


French Knot Updo

This is a classic look that is perfect when a sleek, professional looking hairstyle is needed. Part hair from one side, and sweep hair to the back of the head. Then twist them to form a neat outer edge, and a rolled-inwards look from the other side. Pin in place.


Braided Loop Updo

This is a sweet, romantic look. Part hair at the top and braid each side portion of the hair into two braids. Take the rest of the hair and make into a ponytail. Fold the end of the ponytail back towards the nape of the neck, to make the hair into a large loop, and secure with an elastic band. Cross the two braids over the ponytail, and wrap the ends of the braids around the elastic bands to hide it. Secure all loose ends of the hair underneath with pins.


Twisted Reverse Updo

When you just need hair up off your neck, and want to take about 10 seconds to do it, this is perfect hairstyle. Pull hair back into a low ponytail. Then twist hair, and secure it to the crown of the head with a clip or barrette. Either leave ends loose for a messy look, or tuck them under the hair and pin for something more polished.


Rolled Updo

Gather hair in a low ponytail with an elastic band placed about an inch lower than normal. Part the hair in half right above the elastic band. Flip the ponytail through, and then pull the end back up and tuck right above the elastic band. Pin in place to secure.


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