10 Language and Literacy Books 3-6 Year Olds Will Love

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Supplementing your child’s literacy education doesn’t have to be boring – in fact it can be a lot of fun!  The very best way to encourage literacy education in your preschooler?  Reading to them, of course!  Introducing books to your children at a young age can lead to a life-long love of reading.  You can strengthen letter recognition, practice starting and ending sounds, teach rhyming and speak proper grammar out loud, to name just a few skills.  Here are 10 language and literacy books 3-6 year olds will love.


1. Alpha Oops by Alethea Kontis

Z is sick and tired of being last all the time.  The rest of the alphabet agree to go backwards, but it isn’t long before they all get ideas of their own!  It’s every letter for himself in this funny, mixed up romp through the alphabet.  It’s filled with humorous drawings and whimsical details that round out the story of chaos and mayhem!


2. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni

A fierce wind is threatening the letters of the alphabet tree.  What can they do to stand against it?  In this darling story the letters learn to band together into words, then sentences to offer a message to the wind.  Will it help?  It’s not only a book about the alphabet and sentences, it also teaches a valuable lesson about the importance of the written word.


3. Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends by William S. Gray

A compilation of classic and well-loved first-reader storybooks that follow Dick and Jane, along with some new tales.  Parents will love the nostalgia and kids will love the cute and classic tales.


4. Not Another Boring ABC Book by Sharon Cohen

A isn’t just for apple anymore!  In this adorable story, kids can join along with Nina, a spunky princess as she has adventures that start with the letters of the alphabet!  Kids have an opportunity to learn the alphabet, along with lessons about alliteration, the power of words, and more.


5. My First BOB Books by Lynn Maslen Kertell

This set of tiny first readers is a scholastic award-winning reading program that teaches pre-reading skills and basic literacy concepts.  Through a cute cast of characters and humorous plots, these books lay an important foundation for reading that will appeal to young kids.


6. The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book by Lisa Campbell Ernst

At every turn, these letters are full of surprises!  Can your kids discover anything else hidden in the alphabet?  These graphic, colorful pictures are full of fun for kids!


7. LMNOPeas by Keith Baker

This cute little alphabet book is filled with jaunty, busy little peas – from acrobats to zoologists!  Follow the peas on their daily pursuits through rhyming text and fun pictures.  Your kids will fall in love!


8. Caramel Tree Readers Starter Level: Alphabet Storybooks 1-5 by James Rogers and Sally Crust

Each of these storybooks feature easy to follow and read story lines with cute illustrations.  Each letter has an accompanying song to help retain learning.


9. My Very First Book of Words by Eric Carle

Kids will learn to read simple words while matching pictures with words.  These clever matching puzzles are a hit with kids, and Eric Carle’s beloved illustrations are delightful.


10. Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood

The lower case letters have been working hard and are finally ready for school.  On the way there, i loses her dot and the letters must race to find a substitute.  Small s offers her a star, h a heart, but will they find a suitable replacement?  The cute plot along with engaging illustrations will delight little readers.


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