This is one such project. I  have never loved the basic standard bifold doors in our kitchen,  but I didn’t hate them enough to do anything about them sooner. 

Paneled Bifold Door Makeover, into Flat French Doors

Materials  Used:

-  1×4 (4) @ 10′ -  4×8′ Sheet of paneling -  Liquid Nails -  1/2″ Finishing Nails -  6 Standard Door Hinges -  Wood Filler

-  Miter Saw -  Router -  Table Saw -  Nail gun -  Drill -  Sander or Sandpaper

Tools Suggested:

1st option

 Remove the roller pin thingy (pretty sure that is it’s technical term).  See image above.  You can keep the doors so that they pivot on the already existing pins.

2nd Option:

This is much more sturdy, but more work. It requires adding hinges to the doors, and removing the track system.  This is the option I chose.

  I then removed the door hardware.   At this point I needed to do some math. Because I was turning these into french doors, and adding hinges and trim to the wall.

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