One of the biggest signs that you are just learning how to DIY your board and batten is problems with your spacing.

 let me give you two step by step ways to figure out how to accomplish the perfect board and batten spacing!

Measure As You Install Version

Measure the length of the wall.

Decide how many battens you would like on that wall (this is the general spacing do you want them every 2 feet, every foot). Now divide the length of the wall by the general spacing. 

Now in order to have 5 spaces you will need 6 battens, so 5 spaces + 1 equals the number of battens you will need. (*You cannot forget the origin point or the “0” if you will, see the diagram above.)

You cannot forget the thickness of your batten’s themselves.  Let’s say they are 3″ so multiply the number of battens (6) by the width of the battens (3″) which is 18″.

Subtract the width of the battens (18″) from the length of the wall (10′) which leave 8.5′.

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