Free up space in your kitchen and add seating with a custom banquette corner bench that you can build to fit your space. It can even add storage if you need that!

Follow these steps to Build a Custom Corner Banquette Bench

The first step was to remove the baseboard and build the frame. If you can build a box, then congratulations! You can do this project!

Use a miter saw to cut your 2 x 3s to the correct measurements. We cut our boards to a length of 76 inches long and the width of the support pieces were 17.5 inches.

Once the first frame was built, we repeated it for the other side of the banquette, but only made the length 70 inches long to fit in the space we had. The next step was attach the 2 frames together with the wood screws.

Next up was adding the trim. I wanted to keep the trim modern and coordinate with the board and batten we have in our dining room. We cut the 1 x 3’s using the miter saw and attached using the nail gun only.

Next up, we attached the headboards which were also custom-made. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and ended up with a belgrave shaped design.

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