Farmhouse style is in! On top of the fact that this style of furniture is gorgeous and adds so much character to a room, I think so many of us love the feel that the farmhouse furniture brings into our home, of the “farmhouse” mentality .

Farmhouse isn’t just for the kitchen table though… You can bring the farm-inspired furniture into every room of your home with DIY plans such as… our very own farmhouse-inspired computer desk for two (which would also make a great console table!)

 A gorgeous farmhouse bedside table, made by Shanty 2 Chic following Ana White’s plans,

An awesome farmhouse bed with storage (and more than is visible!) by Birds and Soap

DIY Farmhouse Table for Under $100

I have been dreaming of having a Farm House table forever. You know to build memories around and for your kids to get all sticky LOL!  But you have seen the prices of those things…WHEW… NO WAY! I knew the hubby and I could build one.

One of the biggest issues we had to deal with was the antique bench that needed to fit between the legs. We knew the legs had to be far enough apart to fit the bench and trying to do the measurements from home just wasn’t cutting it.

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