This post will show how to Build a Farmhouse TV Console or Sideboard designed by The Gritty Porch


-  Table Saw -  Circular Saw -  Miter Saw -  Tape Measure -  Sander -  Pocket Hole Jig

-  (13) 1x6x96  Tongue and Groove Pine Boards (actual 3/4″ x 5 1/2”) -  (3) 1x2x96 Pine Boards (actual 3/4″ x 1 1/2″)


You can purchase the printable building plan for cut list and full detailed assembly diagrams and instructions from the blog.

Base and top framing

Build base frame using 2X4’s. Two 2×4 runners/stretchers with two 2×4 cross ends, one each end.

Side walls

Cut side 1×6 tongue and groove boards to length. Attach to the base frame sidewall with 2” #8 wood screws and glue, two screws per board.

Connecting top frame

Flip the base frame so that it is now on top. Place some wood glue on the sidewalls where the top frame will be placed.

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