Vain Looks! Table Vanity Redo; Guest

Jerri Ann of Salty Sister from Salt Creek Ranch sent this great bathroom remodel over, and I just couldn’t wait to show it to you’all so without further adieu.

Ooh she’s so pretty now. This is a small bath in our guest bedroom, it features a tiled shower and a built in cabinet for towels and bathroom necessities. I have been working on the bedroom too. I featured some of the work in thispost if you want to see more.
The picture is a little dark and does not do justice to just how ugly it was. This was an example of a good idea gone horribly wrong. From the picture I had in my mind – to what the paint contractor heard – to this. And whatever they used to seal the top yellowed, so it really was pretty bad.

So I stripped it,
sanded it back past the stain.
At this point I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I contemplated trying to achieve what I had in mind the first time around but as I worked with this piece and pondered what to do, I began to realize how simple the design is. It seemed to speak to me and what I heard was, “kiss it”, also know as keep it simple sweetheart.
So, I used these tools to distress the wood and that seemed to give it a more rustic, western look.
Put on a lovely and beautiful stain color.

I used polyurethane satin finish and bee’s wax to seal it.
It looks so good – much, much better.
Next, I need to find something to go on the wall above the commode and a white rug for the floor. Two very easy things to do.
I don’t really need storage but maybe a cute shelf for display or a nice picture.

So, what do yo think? Kind of a quiet, almost spa look.
I’m linking up again, woo I’m on a roll twice in one day. Now if I can just figure out how to link to more than one party.
I absolutely love table vanities (we’ve made two in the past 1 & 2)  I think this turned out simply lovely?  What are your thoughts?
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  1. >Absolutely stunning, and that vanity is so simple, anyone could spec it out. I way have to tackle this.

  2. >I love your new vanity! You've done such a wonderful job. It was mentioned that stain was used before the poly and bees wax. Would you mind sharing what the brand and color of the stain was? Thanks so much.

  3. >It's beautiful! I love the stain you picked.
    I have heard of others sealing their wood tables/counters etc. with Bee's Wax. Where is a good place to buy it?

  4. >Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my refinished vanity.

    I wanted to answer the two questions that were asked, I used Minwax Wood Finish Stain and Seal in Provincial 211 and Howard's Feed-N-Wax. I am sorry but I don't remember where I picked up the wax but nothing special, probably Home Depot.

    I had trouble with the Polyurethane satin that I was trying to put on there so out of desperation and with company on the way I decided to try the bees wax. I have put on two applications of bees wax and so far so good. This bathroom is used sparingly but I had a table made years ago and the carpenter used a wax product and it is still beautiful. So that gave me the courage to try this.

    And yes this could be spec'd out very easily. I designed it myself and had it built for me. If I can do that anyone can do that. I just spec'd it to fit the space it would be in.