Entertainment center transformed into a Bench; Guest

I absolutely love what Kelli of Random Thoughts of a Supermom did with this old entertainment center
About two months ago, we decided to buy a new couch.
Buying a new couch meant rearranging furniture.
Rearranging furniture meant this piece that was once used as an entertainment center now needed a new purpose. I decided it was the perfect piece to turn into a bench. It was the just the right height for sitting, plus there is a ton of room in the two side cabinets to store toys!The first thing I did was use Gorilla Glue to attach some thin pieces of wood to the doors…..and sides of the entertainment center. I wanted to add a little bit of interest to the otherwise plain boring sides. Jason already had these thin pieces of wood left over from a previous project, so all I had to do was cut them to the correct length and glue them on.After the Gorilla Glue was dry {technically like two weeks after}, I primed the entire piece with Zinsser Oil Based Primer…the same primer that I used to redo my end table. After the primer was dry, I added a coat of glossy white paint…the primer was so good that it only need one coat of the glossy paint to look pretty great! I reattached the original hinges {which were black}, and picked up two new decorative black knobs to replace the small silver ones.I bought a piece of foam and cut it to the correct size for the top of the bench. FYI: Foam is expensive….if you have any old cushions that you aren’t using, save them!
I also picked up a tablecloth at Target to make a cover for the foam. I got a great textured material for less than $10…if I had bought something similar at the fabric store it would have cost a fortune! I wrapped the material around the foam, pinned it in place, and sewed up the edges. I left the back open, so that I can remove the cover and wash it if it ever gets dirty or stained {which
 is going to happen in my house full of boys}!Throw in a couple of rattan baskets and two decorative pillows that match the throw pillows on the couch, and now I have an awesome bench and even better toy storage piece!

WOW! Don’t you think that looks great!  I love the stiles she added, it made all the difference, and of course the white is just lovely!

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  1. >That turned out great. A bench with easy access. I love the colors of the pillows they go great with the cushions.

  2. >I love it! And what a great use for a piece of furniture that is almost obsolete with all the flat screens that hang on the wall nowadays! So cute!!

  3. >You are a genius! I love the woodstrips,the colors of the pillows, the whole thing is just awesome!

  4. >wow! i hate to say it – but it looked umm… crappy before!! AND NOW IT LOOKS FABULOUS – seriously, it looks like something that would cost a couple hundred – i am amazed and inspired!

  5. >No way! I totally got rid of that same piece of furniture. (the before version of coarse) Thinking I could do nothing with it. DANG! I am so impressed how with some creative hard work you can transform something so beautifully.