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Shelly @ The Family BLT found an old piece of furniture to hang up on the wall.

Two things I’m a sucker for: old furniture and rummage sales.  And what goes together better than old furniture from a rummage sale! (Maybe ice cream and peanuts 😀 )

Anywho, I go this ugly old cabinet at a sale for like $3!  Seriously!  And I am a seriously bad blogger for not being able to find a decent before picture.  (side note: how do you organize your photos?  Mine are a crazy mess!) Here is what it is in much better condition than I got

(I took that one after paint–woooops!)   
and they sell for A LOT more than you think, way more than three buckeroos!
Mine was stained much darker and was in really really sad shape with water damage and the like.  The top was coming off and it had no back.  Although, I’m kinda thinkin’ it never had a back since it housed a radio?  
Here’s my only before pic that I can find 🙂
Here is what happened next: 
sand, sand, sand–the top did NOT sand well, but that’s ok–you’ll see why soon
prime, prime, prime (with my good friend Mr. Zinsser-oil based primer)
paint, paint, paint-with the same white that I used for the trim in my house–because I still have some left

dontcha love these details!  Did I mention it was only tha-ree greenbacks?!
btw, yes I am a rule-breaker and no I do not remove the doors or hardware when I paint-neener neener neener 😀
back to our regularly scheduled steps
sand sand sand again–but only in selective areas–gotta bring back some of that old character
glaze, glaze, glaze-to make it look really old a worn

uh-oh, too much glaze! 
 No worries, this stuff is moveable for a good 20 minutes, even in the AZ heat, just wipe off the extra or get a wet rag and scrub-a-dub-dub

Then realize that you have no floor space in your oddly shaped master bath! oof!
 Pout a little because you really need storage space in your oddly shaped master bath.
Call your handy Pops to come to your rescue, even though he shakes his head when you tell him what you want.  Luckily, he helps you do it anyway!
Hang your cabinet on the wall of your oddly shaped master bath!

then realize you your new cabinet
 It’s also going to be our towel rack above the bathtub.  Oh and I need new knobs–waiting for some 50% action at the HobLob!  Do you love it?  I lurve it!
I’m thinking of doing a little tutorial of how we hung it and of course a post on the accessories!  I can’t decide yet what to put on there though…I think I hear Goodwill calling my name…

I can honestly say that I have never thought of

hanging a piece of free standing cabinet 

furniture before.  Great idea!  Do you think so?

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  1. >I think it's a great idea. I help stores do their displays and frequently hang chairs and other furniture on the walls. It makes great use of wall area and provides bars for hanging items, too… just like yours has the perfect towel bar. Good job. It looks great!
    Becky Tyre, Retail Details blog

  2. >I have to say, I have seen people hang chairs on the wall for display, but this boggles the mind. I would have never thought of it, but it's brilliant! And to think of using the legs as a towel rack, even more brilliant! Love it, love it, love it!

  3. >Yowza Sister! Here I am just going through my recent updates and I see MY NAME on your site! I'm speechless (doesn't happen often) thank you so much for featuring me, I am so excited I may have woken up the kiddos with the squeals! Seriously, I'm honored–you feature so many great projects!

  4. >I think it's a novel idea to hang it! And what a perfect idea because the bar for the legs makes a perfect towel rack! Saweet!!