For today’s post, I’m doing another Color Spotlight and highlighting one of the best grays out there called Silver Strand from Sherwin Williams.

Silver Strand from Sherwin Williams is one of the more popular grays out there right now.  

Let me show you what I think Silver Strand does best.  Look at these spaces with little to no natural light and you can see the green/blue in the undertone of the gray just come right out.

This bathroom below has no natural light and only artificial and you can see just how the green balanced with blue in the undertone really makes this color shine.

Silver Strand is also great to use in spaces like stairwells with little natural light.

You can see Silver Strand also is a beautiful foyer/entry way color as well and even better, Silver Strand is a gray that beautifully compliments warmer wood tones.

In spaces with full natural light, Silver Strand is still a pretty gray but as you can see below, it’s just a little cooler and that pretty green/blue is not as prominent.

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