Beautiful, warm and inviting kitchens like this are the heart of the home.  Follow this copper DIY countertop tutorial to make your kitchen just as warm and inviting.

DIY Copper Countertops Tutorial

Materials Needed:

-  16 or 20 oz copper sheeting -  2 layers of 3/4″ MDF or  Plywood -  Dremel or table saw with metal cutting blade -  Files -  Sandpaper -  Drill and Screws

We used 16 oz copper roofing material instead of the recommended 20 oz sheeting. We were just very careful not to dent, bend, or tear it before laminating it and it worked out fine.

Handling the Copper

Step 1: Remove old Countertop

We started by removing all the previous plywood all the way down to the cabinets because the existing counter was not level and the plywood had extensive water damage.

Next we cut sheets of 3/4″ MDF and screwed it to the the top of the base cabinets. On top of the first layer of MDF we placed another layer of 3/4″ mdf but did not screw it down.

Step 2: Install the MDF Sheets

Step 3: Installing the Edges

For the edges we screwed oak boards into the mdf and plywood before applying the copper sheeting. Mdf is relatively soft and will dent easier than oak will.

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