Ready to make your own DIY cement planters, or add a DIY garden globe to your landscaping? This is an easy DIY to make your yard and flower beds look amazing. 

DIY Cement Planters and Garden Globes

Materials for DIY Cement Planters

To get started on your DIY cement planters, you’ll need some cement mix.  

You can experiment with different amounts of peat moss, perlite, and cement to get the texture you want ,but here are some starting recipes:

Mixed Cement Recipes for Planters & Globes

Mixing Concrete for Garden Globes and Planters

For my mixture I went for a semi-textured look so used one part peat moss to one part cement.  The amount of water is an eyeball thing.

DIY Cement Garden Globes

When experimenting with using cement for the first time I decided to try my hand at several different projects.

After filling the globes with my cement mixture I gave them several good thumps to help it settle and release air bubbles.

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