Learn to build an easy beginner DIY lattice trellis in a beautiful chevron wood lattice pattern. Add curb appeal to your home while providing support for climbing plants or vines like cucumbers!

Lattice is a classic pattern and style, for indoors or outdoors Learn how to build Inexpensive DIY Lattice Trellis, Chevron Style

Cut & Lay Out Trellis Pieces

Take one drywall strip and cut two 36″ pieces. These are the horizontal pieces that make up the top and bottom of your frame. 

Next, lay the 2×2’s in place to create the vertical part of the frame.

Attach Trellis Frame Pieces

Lay a 36″ drywall strip (#6) across the top. Nail the top right and top left into place.  Two or three nails for each corner is perfect.

Measure down 5′ and lay the second 36″ drywall strip (#7) across the bottom. Nail the bottom right and bottom left at the 5′ mark.

Cut Angled Chevron Lattice Wood Pieces

Once the body of your frame is together you can start cutting the “chevron” from the drywall strips (or 1×2 or lath).

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