Adding an accent wall is a great way to update a room without the commitment of updating every wall. She wanted a wall treatment to reflect the rustic vibe in the rest of the room, so she and her husband settled on this corrugated tin wall:

How to Install an Easy Corrugated Tin Wall by Karen of The Weekend Country Girl

The tin comes in a variety of lengths and is is 26 1/2 inches wide. The tin allows for an inch and a half overlap to screw the sheets together .

To actually attach the tin to the sheet rock walls there are a few steps we had to take. First we found the studs in the walls and marked them. 

The next step involves this wavy wood called furring strips that has to be attached to the wall in order to have something to screw the curvy tin to. We used a level to mark lines where we wanted the wood strips to go then attached them with our framing nailer.

After the strips were attached, we got busy with the tin. The first piece we attached was at the highest point.

Once he got the angle all sorted out, he got out the scariest tool we own in my opinion. the grinder. I am irrationally terrified of the sparks. He cut the pieces to fit leaving a half inch gap at the bottom of each panel.

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