Transform your front door into a welcoming portal to fall with our Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath tutorial. Budget-friendly and beautiful, it’s the perfect way to embrace the season in farmhouse style!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Fall Decor: Dollar Tree DIY Sunflower Wreath

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and orange, and the air starts to carry that unmistakable crispness, it’s clear that fall is just around the corner.

Fall is a season filled with warmth, color, and coziness. Crafting your own Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath is a fantastic way to infuse your home decor with the spirit of fall.

Why This is a Great Fall Dollar Tree Craft

How to Make the Wreath: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Materials You’ll Need

-  Scissors (for the ribbon/flowers) -  2 bushels of orange sunflowers (Dollar Tree) -  2 bushels of yellow sunflowers (Dollar Tree) -  Wire cutters (optional)

Start by adding some hot glue to the end of the wire ribbon and secure it to the backside of the wreath form, then wrap the wired ribbon around the wreath.

Step 1: Wrap the Wreath Form

Step 2: Add the Sunflowers

I then popped the sunflowers off of the stems, added hot glue to the backside of the flower center.

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