Hi y’all! It’s Lauren from Bless’er House, and I’m so excited to be back sharing another DIY to perk up your basic builder grade.  My inbox has already been flooding with emails begging me to spill the details on this one!

How to Make an Industrial Factory Window Shower Door


-  Painter’s tape -  Plastic drop cloth -  Respirator mask -  Putty knife -  5 lengths of 1/4″ x 3/4″ x 96″ Polystyrene Trim Moulding

3 days (I managed it all on my own without any help from my husband, so it wasn’t strenuous.  Just a good bit of time waiting on paint to dry.)


Start with a clean, dry shower.  Get rid of as much soap scum as possible.  A mixture of vinegar and dish soap can work wonders.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Tape off everything with the plastic drop cloth and painter’s tape- the inside of the shower, the glass of the doors, the floor, the walls, anything but what you want painted.

Step 3.

Be sure to open windows, if you have any in the room, and use a painting respirator mask for safety.

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