Faux Board And Batten For $50

Faux Board And Batten For $50
contributed by Little Blue Chairs



 After spending weeks working on the storage space across from the bathroom I got it in my head that our bathroom was all wrong and needed a bright, clean new look.  

I have been having this back and forth struggle with trying to go very pale or adding color to my space.  Latley, I am being seduced more by the very pale look of the Scandinavian country styles that I so love.  So it was an easy choice when it came to changing our bathroom.  Since it is such a small space I felt I could try it out.

I also, wanted to try my had at the faux board and batten. 


I think I love it!.
download (3) It took me a weeks worth of time to do the work, and around $50 in materials.


I pretty much stripped it down and let the natural elements do their jobs.  The shelf I ended up using was re-purposed from the basement.  I still have 3 of them down there. I love the way it looks so much that the remaining shelves may show up in other places.

download (2)And the best response I got was from my daughter who told me it was so beautiful, it brought tears to her eyes.   Check out this tutorial here!


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