Magnetic Personality! Kids Project

I admit it I am not a person who puts things on their fridge. Okay, so If I get a random check that needs to be cashed, that can be on the side, not the front… So when Kelli from Random Thoughts of a Supermom sent this over, I thought that is a great idea, to keep the kids busy, while you are cooking and the fridge looking clean.


We have all stainless steel appliances in our house. They look beautiful, but the one thing {besides the fingerprints} I have always hated was that my boys never had anywhere to play with magnets. When Henry and Grant were younger I would give them a cookie sheet and some magnets to play with, but that just was never as much fun as playing with them on the wall or on the refrigerator.magnet board sneak peekSo, I made my own magnet board for the kitchen {with a little TON of help from my hubby}.


Sheet of metal
wood trim
spray paint
buffing compound


I picked up the supplies for this project for around $20 at Lowes. The sheet of metal was around $10, the trim was around $6, the spray paint was $3, and Jason already had the buffing compound and the adhesive.First, we had to decide how big we wanted our magnet board to be. Ours was only going to be a little bit smaller than the precut pieces of metal at Lowes, so Jason brought it home and trimmed it down. I’m pretty sure that they will also cut it to size for you at the store.


Then, Jason cut the frame and I spray painted them with at least three coats of black. I knew there would be lots of little hands on this, so I wanted it to be as durable as possible.


Jason also used some buffing compound to polish the metal so it would be shiny. We used some spray adhesive to attach the metal to the side of the kitchen cabinet, and then we attached the frame to the metal piece using the same adhesive. You could also use screws or nails to hold the metal and frame into place depending on where you put it. Now the boys have a fun place to play with magnets, and because it is in the kitchen {but not close to the stove} they can play in the kitchen more while I am cooking dinner. Now maybe I can get my tupperware cabinet organized:)

What do you all think? Clever huh!
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  1. >This is genius! I think that I will be doing the same thing very, very soon!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. >That's a great idea. I don't like stuff on my fridge, either. I've lined up three inexpensive IKEA magnet boards and hung them on a narrow, little used space in our breakfast nook. That's where I keep our collected magnets and photos that I like to see all the time arranged in a sort of mosaic pattern.